Do you know what is the 1 thing that every Indian has been doing DAILY since the lockdown has begun?

Wearing a mask 24*7 – Not all the time…

Maintaining social distancing – Maybe…

Watching today’s trending news – YES!

Whether you call it “Breaking news of the day”,” Today’s Top news headlines for today” or ” Live news for today”, every Indian today will watch the news daily. This is because of the global pandemic i.e. Coronavirus.

As India has been affected severely, people from all states have been looking for the latest trending news updates. Almost every news channel will showcase the top news headlines of today in English, Hindi, and other regional languages.

I too have been constantly changing news channels to get Mumbai Coronavirus updates and check Coronavirus updates in Bangalore as I have friends and family living there.

The constant problem I face is which news channel live to watch as it’s difficult to find each channel.

But then, I found the best solution. Yes, with this solution, I can watch more than 20+ News channel live on 1 single OTT platform.

Yes, that platform is ZEE5.

Zee News channel live in Hindi and English
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With over 20+ news channels that provide Breaking news India is facing, I now can easily browse through news channels without any worry.

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Here is the list of news channels that you can check:

1. Zee News

2. Zee 24 Taas

3. India TV

4. TV 9 Marathi

5. Saam TV

6. Aaj Tak

7. Republic TV

8. India Today


10. Republic Bharat

11. TV9 Bharatvarsh

12. Dilli Aaj Tak

13. Tez

14. News Nation

15. News 24

16. India News

17. News X

18. News 9

19. NE News

20. DD Kisan

News channel in Hindi
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Isn’t that cool. Also, these are just 20 channels. There are more than 17 regional news channels dedicated to different states in India.

So that means you can check 37 news channel live on Zee5. I am impressed with them for adding so many news channels.

So if you wish to watch breaking news in Hindi you’re in luck as they have channels in Hindi too. Not just channels, there are different types of news covered like;

1. COVID-19 Updates

2. Top Stories

3. Today’s Headlines

4. India News

5. World News

6. Astrology

7. Recommended stories

8. Entertainment News

9. Maharashtra Headlines

10. Crime News

11. Business News

Zee News channel live in India
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Yes, you can check all these various sections on the ZEE5 news section. I like ZEE5 for what they have done because they not only provide live news from India but also Trending news worldwide.

So say goodbye to confusion as with ZEE5 you can now watch every breaking news of India in real-time. Enjoy watching the news, stay safe, and stay at home.


    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Afreen, yes that is true. It’s a fun app and also very informative for those who love watching Live news

  1. Sanjay Thampy

    Wow, that’s some serious news all together at one place.
    Now you need not worry about being updated.

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Yes Sanjay, I agree totally. This is more like a one-stop destination for people who live and breathe news.

    2. No doubt Zee5 is an amazing OTT platform where we get almost everything . It’s really good to know that they are providing all the major news channels in their platform.

      1. Lancelot Quadras

        Hey Raju, yes there is a lot that is being done by Zee5. You can find a lot of news channels there.

  2. yogeshmankani

    Woow good to know that there are so many channels freely available which we are paying on our D2H connection. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Yogesh, yes that’s true! This is a fun way of getting to watch what you want on the go and also paying less!

  3. Oh nice, that’s awesome that all the news are broadcasted in one place. It’s definitely a go to channel for all the information that is happening around us currently.

  4. Very cool!! That’s really good know because it’s such a hassle to look for the news channels on OTT platforms. We only watch OOT platforms and finding these channels is a pain. This is an amazing content arrangement by Zee5.

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