IPL 2020 date and fixture list

Answered: Your Most Burning Questions About IPL 2020

2020 has been a rollercoaster year for cricket lovers.

First, IPL 2020 was cancelled.

Then international cricket went on an indefinite break.

After 4 months, we saw a Test played between England and the West Indies. This test was special as for the first time in 143 years, it was played with no spectators.

A few days ago, we got an IPL 2020 update that this time, IPL would take place after all. But not in India. It will take place in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The new IPL 2020 date is set on 19th September 2020 and ends on 10th November 2020.

Image credit – CSK Twitter

I know that we won’t be able to see them play live but still, this is a sweet surprise. Here’s what we know as of now.

When will the IPL 2020 begin?

As per the IPL 2020 new schedule, matches will start from 19th September 2020 and end with the final played on 10th November 2020. Matches will take place in the early evening at 15.30 pm IST and late evening at 19.30 pm IST.

Most matches will be played in the evening to suit the Indian audiences. Also, for the first time in 13 years, an IPL final will be played on a weekday. Yes, IPL 2020 final date is 10th November i.e. a Tuesday.

Which locations will the IPL 2020 be played at?

While the primary location in UAE, matches will be played across Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. This will be the longest IPL ever at 53 days as the older versions spanned across 49 days only.

How many teams will be part of IPL 2020?

For this 53 day event, there will be 8 teams competing for the coveted IPL 2020 trophy. However, there is a cap on the player limit this time. While the past years had 25 players per team, in this edition of the IPL, teams will only have 24 players. This means, SRH, KXIP, and RR will have to drop one player before leaving for UAE.

Here are the IPL 2020 teams;

Rajasthan Royals (RR), Sun risers Hyderabad (SRH), Kings XI Punjab (KXIP), Mumbai Indians (MI), Chennai Super Kings (CSK), Royal Challengers Bangalore(RCB), and Delhi Capitals(DC).

Where can I watch IPL 2020 online?

If you wish to watch live cricket IPL matches, then that can only happen online. You can watch live IPL match online on these websites:

IPL live scores on Cricbuzz

Get the best IPL 2020 commentary on ESPN Cric Info

Will people in the UAE be allowed to watch IPL 2020 matches in the stadium?

As the IPL 2020 date was announced, The Emirates cricket board has stated its wishes to start the IPL with no audience but then, later on, would expect to fill up to 30-50%* crowd capacity. So I’m sure once the IPL 2020 match schedule is finalized, booking IPL tickets will become easier. 

What happened at the IPL Auction 2020?

The IPL Auction 2020 took place in December 2019 at Kolkata. A total of 60+ players are bought by all the combined 8 teams. Only 6 players made it to the million-dollar pay cut ($10,00,000). The highest amount paid for an Indian in this auction was by Chennai Super Kings for Piyush Chawla (6.75 crores = $900,000)

Presenting the Top 6 expensive players of the IPL auction.

Pat Cummins (AUS) – Bought by Kolkata Knight Riders – 15.50 crores

Glen Maxwell (AUS) – Bought by Kings XI Punjab – 10.75 crores

Chris Morris (AUS) – Bought by Royal Challengers Bangalore – 10.00 crores

Sheldon Cottrell (WI) – Bought by Kings XI Punjab – 8.50 crores

Nathan Coulter Nile (AUS) – Bought by Mumbai Indians – 8.00 crores

Shimron Hetmeyer (WI) – Bought by Delhi Capitals – 7.75 crores

So as you can see, 4 of the 6 expensive players belong to Australia and that shows how much of dominance Australians have on IPL.

Which retained players are the most expensive in IPL 2020?

IPL 2020 has world-class players that have been retained by their teams. The salary bracket here to is way higher than the auctioned players.

Here’s a list of Top 6 expensive retained players in IPL 2020:

Virat Kohli (IND) – Retained by Royal Challengers Bangalore – 17.00 crores

MS Dhoni (IND) – Retained by Chennai Super Kings – 15.00 crores

Rohit Sharma (IND) – Retained by Mumbai Indians – 15.00 crores

David Warner (AUS) – Retained by Sun Risers Hyderabad – 12.50 crores

Steven Smith (AUS) – Retained by Rajasthan Royals – 12.50 crores

Sunil Narine (WI) – Retained by Kolkata Knight Riders – 12.50 crores

As you can see, the Top 3 expensive players belong to India. Ben Stokes has been retained by Rajasthan Royals for 12.50 crores. Players like Suresh Raina and AB De Villiers too have been retained by their IPL franchise for more than 10 crores.        

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Where’s the latest IPL 2020 match schedule list?

The IPL 2020 schedule list has not yet been finalized. While rumors have it that the old fixtures will be kept the same way, we are yet to receive any form of update on the same. However, to make it easier for you, here’s an image of the old fixture list with new dates. If all goes well, this same list will be used.

Image credit – ICC Cricket Schedule

Where can you play Fantasy sports for IPL 2020?

Now that the IPL 2020 date has been announced, get ready as soon all the fantasy gaming portals will start giving you lots of opportunities to play, have fun, and earn money too. Many such fantasy gaming portals host all sorts of IPL cricket matches. Here are some of these portals that you can utilize:

Play IPL 2020 on Dream 11My11 CircleMy Team 11Hala playFan mojo, and many more.

Who will win the IPL 2020 final in UAE?

IPL 2020 date for the final is set on 10th November 2020. Now I’m not any soothsayer or fortune teller but judging by how this year has shaped our lives, I am expecting the unexpected only. This is because no team will have a home advantage at all. Hence the playing field becomes even.

I guess we will see a new and first time champion between Kings XI Punjab, Delhi Capitals, and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

What do you guys think? Who will win the IPL 2020 final in UAE?

La Liga Real Madrid Barcelona next match

La Liga beyond Real Madrid and Barcelona – Possible?

The La Liga began in 1929 with 10 teams. It was only in the 1997 season that 20 teams played in the league.

With almost 9 decades of experience, the league should have been competitive. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case. I say this looking at the results for the past 15 years. The results show only Real Madrid and Barcelona as winners and runner ups.

Just imagine the plight of the league where 2 teams decide the fate of the title always. It’s not a good prospect for any player to join another team as the chances of winning reduce.

Yes, Valencia in 2003-04 and Atletico Madrid in 2013-14 did win the league but apart from that the remaining 13 seasons belonged to Barcelona and Real Madrid which brings us to question what is the league beyond these 2 powerhouses?

The answer to this is complicating. You can say money buys good players and hence the league can be won. But Atletico did it with pure talent and not money.

In addition, Barcelona Real Madrid rivalry and head to head is the most sought out match of the La Liga season. There are so much passion and aggression in these matches!

Also, passion for the game always brings out the best in any team. The classic example for this is Leicester City who won the EPL in 2015-16 which was their first time since their 132-year history.

Overall, there are just 3 teams who have been challenging for the top 4 finish like Valencia, Sevilla, and Villareal. If they get some good talent and experienced players, they can surely pull off the invincible. For now, their intent only lies in champions league qualification which is not good for the league’s survival.

The audience loves competition and the attendance will keep dropping if Madrid and Barcelona continue their streak. To conclude, the current La Liga is nothing beyond Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Are you wondering when is the Barcelona Real Madrid next match in the LA Liga?

Then there’s some bad news. Due to the COVID-19 lockdown impact, no football games will take place. Until the situation is contained, the best you can do is watch old Barcelona Real Madrid head to head games!

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Growth of Sports in India

India loves sports. This is said considering the fact that everyone loves to play a certain sport. Until 2010, Cricket was the only sport which people liked, the government recognized and gave facilities to push kids into getting good athletes for the nation. Yes, our country is a cricket loving nation. For sure, we were an indestructible force in Hockey in the early thirties but due to ill facilities we could never up our game. Many would either choose cricket as a career or get into the corporate stream. Some dared to try other sports and excel. The reason people chose cricket was because of the exposure, money and competition. Also, other sports did not have much exposure or media attention.

All this changed in the past 5 years. Now apart from the Indian premier league we have;

There are many more leagues for Poker, Polo etc. The point I want to put through is due to all these leagues opening, our national players get exposure and get to share the field alongside players who are on top of the world rankings. The audience in India also have graced all these sports. Would you believe that over 20,000 people watch ISL live on the ground or that people now talk about Kabaddi more often than cricket. Leagues in India need to get more facilities so that home grown players get better in the game and can make our nation proud. Currently it’s a work in progress but within the next 5-7 years, there surely will be growth.