Top 4 reasons to watch Bebaakee Web Series on ZEE5

Bebaakee is the new Hindi web series on ZEE5 that is slated to release in the next few weeks! Starring a mix of some of the popular faces of the entertainment industry and fresh faces, this ALT Balaji special has gained a lot of attention.

When I was looking for the best ZEE5 web series list 2020, I found “Bebaakee” on that list.

This is a unique name and hence it caught my attention. Also, since it’s an ALT Balaji Hindi web series special, it definitely ought to be good. #DilKiHitchki

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As the series will be released on the ZEE5 app online soon, I have created a list of Top 4 reasons why you must watch Bebaakee on ZEE5 online.

1. This is a limited-episode web series:

India is a land of Hindi web series that goes beyond 1000+ episodes without breaking a sweat. Recently, ALT Balaji changed this trend with limited episode series. Yes, most of their latest web series have less than 40-60 episodes.

Bebaakee is one of the rare TV shows on ZEE5 with just 50 episodes. Hence it is wise to expect the storyline to move at a quick pace and also reduce the possibility of you getting bored from this series.

Bebaakee is set in Shimla

2. Bebaakee is set in Shimla:

The northern part of India has been recently used a lot for the Hindi web series and movies. Such is the beauty of these locations that it elevates the story viewing experience.

Shimla is one of the most beautiful backdrops for any movie or web series. Hence you can expect to see picturesque and Instagram worthy views in this ZEE5 tv series.

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Bebaakee web series on ZEE5 is a muslim based drama

Bebaakee is a Muslim based Social drama and love triangle:

The story revolves around Kainaat Sahni (Shiv Jyoti Rajput) and Sufiyaan Alazi (Kushal Tandon). These two have contrasting personalities and good chemistry. In the confusion between their feelings, a love triangle enters the picture in the form of Sufiyan’s brother, Imtiaz Alazi (Karan Jotwani). 

Bebaakee is a unique Muslim Social on ZEE5.  There’s a lot of family drama, questions on love, friendship, and the pain of betrayal. In short, get ready for a roller-coaster ride with this ZEE5 best web series.

Bebaakee cast is a mix of Seasoned stars and newcomers:

Bebaakee can also be called Fearlessness, Madness, and Courage. You can see that in their casting as it has a perfect mix of stalwarts and new talent. As mentioned above, the lead cast has Kushal Tandon, Karan Jotwani, and the newcomer Shiv Jyoti Rajput. 

Bebaakee web series on ZEE5

The supporting cast includes Pratik Sehajpal, Aditi Vats, Pubali Sanyal, Sameer Malhotra, Saloni Vora, Suchitra Pillai, Ishaan Dhawan, and Indraneel Bhattacharya.

So these are the Top 4 reasons why you must watch the Bebaakee web series on ZEE5 online. Here’s theĀ Teaser link for Bebakee.

How many episodes of Bebaakee are there?

Initially, 10 episodes were released. On 12th October, 5 more episodes were launched. So that totals to 15 episodes. As we know Bebaakee has 50 episodes in total, here is an update of when the remaining episodes can be released.

Episode Numbers & Dates:

16 to 25 – To release in early November

26 to 35 – Releasing on early December

36 to 50 – Expected release on either last part of December or January 2021.

33 thoughts on “Top 4 reasons to watch Bebaakee Web Series on ZEE5”

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Raju, yes, it just has 50 episodes! Will definitely be a welcome change for us to watch limited episode-based shows

  1. Bebaakee seems like an amazing watch over the weekend. I love the fact that it is based in Shimla so I can expect to see some spectacular landscapes during the lockdown times where one cannot travel. I will definitely try to watch it soon.

  2. I have loved shows featuring Kushal Tandon before… This looks really interesting! I will definitely watch this!

  3. Interesting to know about a series, that uses Muslim background. I just hope it is not a regular saga because creating 50 episodes is not an easy task. But the way you have described it, I will definitely check this.

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Ramya, 50 episodes will get over quickly. We are so used to watching a thousand episodes, 50 will get done quickly.

  4. Zee5 has a very good range of entertainment spanning different genres. Bebaakee seems really interesting. It is good to know that it is a limited episode one and will not drag. The other interesting thing is, of course, it’s setting in the beautiful environment of Shimla.

  5. delhifundos2014

    Looks like amazing series. I am going to watch this for sure. Thanks for the recommendation. Will going to watch this for sure.

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