Thursday Challenge – HEAT (Hot, Glowing, Fire, Smoke)

For this week’s challenge, the theme is HEAT.

Firstly, for those who don’t know how this theme works, it’s very simple.

All you have to do is share a picture, closely related to the word of the week.

Also, check out the pictures shared by others for this theme. It’s amazing.


My choice for this week’s theme is a dessert named “Baked Alaska”

While you might question my choice of a dessert, it fits in for the theme as the dessert is on fire!

Hope you enjoy it!

Location – Kode, Lower Parel

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Thursday Challenge – FUN times at Daman

So this week’s challenge lies around the word Fun which can also include moments of playing and fun and sports! So I decided to use a bit of boomerang for this edition. On my recent trip to Daman, we had some crazy moments. One of which was around the swimming pool.

Out of a lot of choices, I have finally chosen two good boomerang moments for you’ll to see. Hope you’ll like it.

And here’s the second one from Daman:

I believe that life is too short for us to just be 100% serious. The least we can do is smile at regular intervals. We can go on vacation and act like children. We can find pleasures in the smaller things. Because life as we know it is about the little things.

No matter what I keep uttering about life, I just want you guys to know that you can always get better. Remember that you are your only competition so aim only to get better than yourself.

The reason for taking part in such a theme is to display my goofy side to the world.

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Thursday Challenge – BEVERAGE

Firstly I’d like to wish you guys a Merry Christmas. May this Christmas bring more happiness than you received last year and that this coming year get you what you crave for the most!

“BEVERAGE ” (Coffee Maker, Cafe, Tea, Water, Glass, Wine Glass, Cup,… )

This week’s challenge revolves around the word “BEVERAGE”. What is the meaning of Beverage according to you?

For me, a Beverage is anything from Tea, Coffee, or even a type of alcohol that can quench your thirst and make you feel good.

When it comes to alcohol there are so many names of drinks that come to my mind. Forget the names, there are so many alcohol types. But when I thought of this word, a memory cropped up.

There’s just one picture I’d like to apply for this week and that is from this awesome super-mart in Goa I visited i.e. the Delfinos!

Here’s the picture of a Corona that I got from there. Quite classy and quite smooth. This alcohol type is called “Beer”. If you’ve watched the “Fast and the Furious” movie series, then this will be general for you.

beverage and type of alcohol
Edited via Snapseed

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glasses 2019

Thursday Challenge – GLASSES (2019)

Update – My post was originally written in December 2015 and since I cannot find apt images, I’ve tried my best to match them!

Whenever I used to look at all Glasses 2019 I would only wonder, how many shapes of glasses are there in the world.

Glasses can be in different shapes, colors, and whatnot. There are different glasses 2019 shapes for each type of alcohol.

A beer glass is different from a whiskey glass. A cocktail glass will be different from a Vodka glass and so on! It’s quite amazing and hence this week’s theme made sense!

So this week’s theme deals with the word ” GLASS (Bottle, Container, Window, Mirror, Broken, Shattered)

So I have a few images for this theme which you’ll will surely like. The images have a colorful touch.

Glasses 2019

Had clicked this when at an Italian & Mexican themed restaurant named La Basilico. The decor and ambiance were worth a lot more than the food they served.

This is another image from that same restaurant. Liked their sense of style.

glass 2019

So here is my entry for this theme and I hope that you like it. Do you have any exceptional pictures of glasses? If yes, then do share them with me.

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Thursday Challenge – WHITE

For this week’s theme..  I chose a beach picture from Baga Beach,  Goa.

The feeling of being on the beach itself is so calming!
Don’t you agree?


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This week’s theme revolves around the below word:
WHITE (Snow, Sand, Clouds, High Key Photo, Overexposed,…)

Next Week’s theme:
GLASS (Bottle, Container, Window, Mirror, Broken, Shattered,…)

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