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Hey everyone. I’m Lancelot and I welcome you to my blog.

I’ve been blog writing since 2014 and for me, this is a passion that now has turned into a full-time career. I’m an MBA in Finance with work experience in Accounts Payable. It was 3 years later that I realized that blog & content writing is my calling. That’s when I took the main step of shifting my career from Accounts to Writing.

Each day I sit to write something, I think of that life-changing decision that brought so much joy in my life. This is my story and I’ll surely make the best out of it.

I am based out of Mumbai, & provide freelance content writing services for multiple niche segments. Here are the listed services for your perusal:

I provide the following freelance content writer services:

Website content writing – Today, having well-researched, SEO-centric website content is a must. I can arrange this for you and ensure the content is readable for the average person.

Copywriting – Social Media is all about the phrase! (not the bass). With a bit of creativity and more technicality, I can help you with social media creative + post copies you can use on your website, google, and social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Ghostwriting – Most brands and writers go through a phase called “writer’s block” or cannot get the quality content they wish. In such times, I can help you with the matter that you can put up as your own on your blog.

Blog writing (Long-form and short-form) – I started writing on my blog in January 2014. With over 8+ years of freelance content writing experience on Blogger and WordPress, I can help manage your blog with regular posting and article writing as well.

B2B content writing (freelance Saas writer) – B2B writing requires a certain tone and experience that helps you push your point across the industry. I have decent knowledge and can help you explain concepts easily.

SEO content writing – With basic SEO knowledge, I can write an article using the best SEO practices, short and long-tail keywords that can help in boosting your website traffic.

Article rewriting – If you wish to update existing content on your blog or website, I can help you by rewriting them with 0% plagiarism and 100% uniqueness.

Quora writer – Quora as a platform is one of the best places to push traffic to your blog or website. After contributing 1000+ answers and 700,000 views, I know how the platform operates and can help boost your profile with value-added answers.

LinkedIn profile writer – LinkedIn is one of the best places to meet your prospective employer and client. The best way to make a good impression is with a complete profile. I can help you with content that fits your profile and helps you stand out.

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I am actively accepting freelance content writing jobs and projects. You can reach out to me on

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