ZEE5 Originals promises a thriller with Kaali Season 2

ZEE5 originals are well known in the industry for bringing out fresh and innovative content for their audience. Kaali web series season 1 was the first ZEE5 Bengali series starring Paoli Dam in the lead role. With a fierce storyline and a genius climax, fans loved the series.

The storyline of Kaali Season 2:

The story is about a middle-class mother working as a beautician. Her life changes overnight when her son has been in an accident and her husband has been arrested for his involvement in a murder case.

She needs money for her child’s operation that is upwards of 6 lakhs. If the money is not deposited within 12 hours, the operation cannot take place. As time is of the essence, she takes a dark route and is ready to kill anyone if it will save her child.

Paoli Dam as Kaali in Season 2 on ZEE5
Image source – ZEE5.com

Audience Response:

Kaali ZEE5 review was nothing short of exceptional. People love the title as it’s inspiration belongs to the Hindu Goddess Kali known to be the goddess of power, time, and destruction. As the Goddess destroys evil forces, the audience resonates with her feelings for her child and the length she will go in order to save him.

Also, this amazing ZEE5 new web series gained popularity with its story and hence the makers decided to create a 2nd season.

Synopsis of Kaali 2 on ZEE5 Originals

The story continues as Kaali is looking for more money in order to save her son. This time around, she is stuck between a Gang war and will have to kill & come out alive. Can she do that? Will her son be saved? I guess you will have to get the ZEE5 app downloaded on your smart-phone and watch this ZEE5 series.

You can watch the trailer of Kaali 2 on ZEE5 here.

ZEE5 Originals - Kaali Season 2
Image source – ZEE5.com

How can I watch Kaali 2 on ZEE5?

You can watch Kaali 2 and many other shows once you subscribe to ZEE5 for PC and app. The costing is very reasonable. At 999 rupees you can watch all ZEE5 premium episodes of your favorite shows for 1 full year. The ZEE5 series list has a lot of content and they have many more series that will release soon.

With the help of these ZEE5 subscription offers, you can easily watch your favorite ZEE5 TV shows online whenever you want for FREE.

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When is Kaali 2 releasing on ZEE5 India App:

The 2nd season of Kaali will premiere on the ZEE5 app on 29th May. For those wondering the language of the series, we must inform this will be a bilingual series and the subtitles will be available on ZEE5 in Hindi.

I am excited as I cannot wait to see what does Kaali has in store for us. What about you?

Will you be ready on 29th May and watch Kaali unleash her powers?

Do you think, Kaali will be able to collect enough money for her child’s operation?

Will Kaali kill everyone that stands in her way?

Let’s wait and find out on 29th May.

20 thoughts on “ZEE5 Originals promises a thriller with Kaali Season 2”

  1. That looks like a sure edge of the seat thriller.
    Paoli and your excellent review has added to my excitement to watch it soon.

  2. Personally I watch Netflix and Amazon only but after reading your review definitely going to watch this also

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Rituka, I too am a hardcore Netflix and Amazon person. But since the lockdown, I’ve watched a lot on ZEE5 and their content is good. Do give them a try too.

  3. Kaali 2 has really grabbed the attention from the audience. The strategy and drama is gluing the audience to the seats

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Zahra, yes this series has surely grabbed the attention of the audience. It’s pretty insane.

      1. Rakesh mishra

        Kaali is a story which takes you on a cliffhanger ride where a mother has one night to save her son. This is really amazing series.

  4. kaali season 2 is a thrilling drama ZEE5 web series. This web series is being directed by Arita Sen and Rohan Ghose.


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