marriage entourage

Find out the best way to choose the right maid of honor and the best man for your marriage

M is for Maid of Honor

For any marriage, getting the best wedding entourage matters the most.

The most important people in this entourage will be the maid of honor and the best man. The maid of honor will always stand beside the bride and the best man will be there for the groom.

Their basic duties will be to make sure the bride and groom look at their best and their immediate needs are being taken care of.

The maid of honor will usually be seen holding the rear end of the gown in a way the bride doesn’t slip. The best man also ensures no extra confetti is found on the groom’s face, hair, suit, etc.

If the maid of honor and best man don’t do their jobs well during the marriage, it can lead to a lot of discomforts for the couple.

And you surely don’t want that. I’ve seen a bride fall flat on her face because the maid of honor was busy clicking a selfie.

It’s not an easy task and not everyone is up for it. Hence here are some ways you can choose the right people for this task.

1. Siblings and cousins:

Here’s one way you can ensure that your special day is in the hands of the right people. Assigning your siblings or cousins to be the best man/maid of honor can help ease the stress.

Also since they know you, your needs will be taken care of and they’ll make sure you look at your best.

Marriage entourage

2. Best friends:

If none of your siblings are available or you don’t have any, then the next best option for you is choosing your best friends.

This is because after your families they are the ones who know you in and out. Hence choosing them would help you get through the event with ease.

3. Acquaintances:

This is when you hit the last resort. When either of the two options isn’t available, then going ahead with acquaintances is all you can hope for.

These are the people you casually catch up with once a week/month/year maybe. It’s a 50-50 chance you’ll have a pleasant experience.

What are my thoughts on the right choice for the best man/maid of honor for marriage?

Choosing the right people can always be a difficult decision. But if I were given the opportunity I would lean on the first 2 options.

Some would prefer going ahead with their friends and that’s fine too. Just do what makes you happy. In the end, it’s your happy day!

P.S – The banner picture on this blog is from my dear friend Kimberly and Karthik’s wedding. Hands down they had one of the best wedding ceremonies ever!

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wedding reception location

Here’s the best way you can finalize the location of your wedding reception

L is for Location of wedding reception

A marriage in India involves multiple important decisions a couple has to take along with the stress that comes with it.

Choosing the location of your wedding reception will be one of those important decisions. But wait, how can the location be an issue?

It’s because you will have to consider the following factors for choosing an apt place to hold your party.

1. Close to your family’s house:

The first choice will be when one partner chooses the location of the wedding reception as per where he/she stays. In this scenario, one family will have to travel all the way to the party ground while the other can take the least amount of time to reach the party.

wedding reception location

2. Neutral venue:

Choosing a neutral venue helps both families keep their egos aside and have a great time. There is a high possibility that your travel time can increase but it’s okay as long as both families take almost the same time to reach the wedding.

3. Popular grounds:

There are many well-known grounds in your city that host wedding parties. A few couples or families insist on holding the wedding reception on such popular grounds to maintain that social image.

4. Cost-conscious/Combo:

Now this one is what most couples opt for. It’s either cost-conscious or a combination of the above options. Couples looking for a ground where the cost per plate, location, sound, etc fits in their budget.

Going a step further, they will also ensure that apart from the cost, families, and guests shouldn’t have to travel longer for their party.

What are my thoughts on the location of the wedding reception?

The location of the wedding party is an important decision. Almost 50% of your wedding budget is kept for the cost of the location.

Hence choosing an apt location that you both and everyone love should be the goal. Also, keep a note of how heavy will this decision be on your budget.

So I end this post asking you guys about your thoughts on choosing the location of the wedding reception?

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first kiss

Do you know why couples have a first kiss during the wedding ceremony?

K is for First Kiss

In catholic marriages, most couples will do this during the wedding ceremony and/or at the wedding reception as well.

This ceremony has been on for decades and still continues to do so.

Why do they do that?

So who in history created this tradition that is followed to date?

As per history, the Romans used kisses as a way to seal a transaction. That’s the reason why we hear the term “sealed with a kiss”.

Some religions consider this to be important based on the theme “two become one”. Also, it’s considered as a first kiss post them being married.

first kiss

What are my thoughts on the first kiss?

I believe this moment during the wedding ceremony is symbolic. I remember some uncle telling me this. A few years down the line, when you feel that the love is not the same or is lost, you can rekindle that flame with a kiss.

At that very moment, you can remember how it felt like on the wedding day. This is what I had to share with you guys regarding this special moment the couple shares on their wedding day.

Have you been to weddings where you saw the married couple share a kiss? Was it a happy or awkward moment for you?

Also, do you think it’s okay to kiss during the wedding ceremony or not?

This is the 7th time I’m participating in the A to Z Challenge series. You can catch up with my posts from 2015 up to 2021 by CLICKING HERE

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