Nivea Deodrizer – Launch Event

13th June,

Four Seasons Hotel,


So after 2 weeks of guessing what would be the product that would help us eradicate the nation’s biggest issue i.e. “Body odor”, I alongside a few fellow male bloggers headed to the Four Seasons Hotel in Worli to unravel this mystery.

The rain gods seemed to be in a very generous mood and that was not good for me. By the time I reached the venue, I looked like I just stepped out of the shower.

Anyways, when we entered in we found out part 1 of the mystery. It was going to be a product by Nivea. Yeah, they had an entire hall filled with posters of Nivea. (How could anyone not guess that then right?)

The Perfect Host

We received a warm welcome by the Nivea and BlogAdda teams. We settled down interacting with each other and in a while the event began with our beautiful host telling us what to expect in the event.

Then the discussion of body odor and how it shows/affects our personality became the whole part of the event.

The bloggers during the discussion

We started off with an activity where we were divided in groups of 5. Two from every group were blindfolded. The rest 3 members were given a few products like toothpaste, mustard sauce, a rose, onion etc. We needed to keep that near the nose of the blindfolded guys who would sniff and tell what kind of a person smells like that.

There were some pretty interesting replies I must say. Right from “This smells like my bhajji waala, to “This smeels like someone came right from the gym”.

After this funny activity, the stage was set for some Q & A’s.

I must say the discussion on this topic went from normal to something really serious. There were some good pointers by everyone. Right from when to use the deo, to how to use the deo etc, how to avoid body odor and how to tell someone that they have body odor. It’s a sensitive topic and people are either bound to take it offensively and some might be understandable and embarrassed. But it’s best that these matters be discussed.

The Nivea Team alongside their brand ambassador Mr.Arjun Rampal

After an hour of discussion we had the Nivea team alongside their brand ambassador “Arjun Rampal” (yes, he did come and it was awesome) speak to us for a while. Arjun shared some of his tips and what are his thoughts on body odor.

The event then moved to the launch of the most awaited product i.e. “Nivea Deodrizer”


After a lot of hullabaloo we finally got to the unveiling. Here’s a snapshot of the product.


Post the launch, the floor was set for more Q & A’s which Arjun and the Nivea Team happily answered.


I’ve been a Nivea fan since a long time and yes now since I’ve got this product which can help me #BanBodyOdour, then there’s nothing that can stop me. Thank you Nivea.

Pictures Courtesy – Dwitiy Revankar

I attended the #SniffSniff product unveiling event by BlogAdda in association with Nivea.

Hey Blogger, Let's "Word-Up"

Simon Weil rightly said,

The most important part of teaching is to teach what it is to know.”

Being a blogger doesn’t mean we weave posts and wait for people to read and comment.

Being a blogger is a continuous learning process.

You can ask 100 bloggers, and I’m sure nearly 99 will tell you, that till now they have a lot of things to learn.

Blogging is an ocean, and we bloggers are inching our way up the ladder by trying to cover this ocean through learning.


The meet “Word-Up” was what i would call a definite learning performance.

Where some bloggers who took the next step and entered into the professional world came up and shared their experiences.

Whilst speaking, it’s obvious, that through their learning many of us could relate to,

– The mistakes they made

– The path they chose to promote

– The biggest dilemma i.e. When to go into professional mode?


Unfortunately, due to an interview scheduled in Goregaon, i missed half the event and made it on time for lunch. :p ( Talk about perfect timing )

Here are the events i did manage to hear out.

13:30 – 14:00 – Harsh Agrawal – SEO
14:00 – 14:30 – Scherezade Shroff – Day in the life of a blogger
14:30 – 15:00 – Snigdha ManchandaCreative Writing
15: 00 – 15:30 – Bhavish Ailani – Stand-up Comedy
These are the beautiful speakers whose experiences we sure won’t forget.
Oh and ya, that’s me in the far background… Whilst these guys were busy clicking a selfie, i was watching the impromptu head banging session!!
Here is a group picture of us bloggers who were a part of this event.
I learnt a lot of stuff with relating to my posts, with relation to SEO and it’s use, the new age of video blogging, the way to take your blog into professional mode etc.
Big-Rock was generous to us bloggers and they gifted us stuff which we sure won’t forget them for.

1. BigRock – Laptop-backpack in tangerine-black combo
2. BigRock-Wave Speaker                                                                                                           3. IndiBlogger -Blogging DNA T-shirt
4. Free WordPress domainHosting + .ME domain

What else does a blogger need?
Oh ya, i also won a Flipkart 1000/- INR voucher for winning a twitter contest they held on site.
It’s always something we all learn from every meet.
I’m glad to be a part of these events.
Looking forward to many such moments.
                         This post is part of Day 6 of The Ultimate Blog Challenge


My tryst with the Social Media Week

Social Media Week which hit many cities around the world from 22nd to 26th September lived up to every inch of the hype generated.

Being a social media enthusiast this is an event you cannot miss. Not at any cost.


Novotel, Juhu – A Social Community Hub was finalized as the event venue.

There were events on every aspect of social media from blogging to marketing etc.

I haven’t witnessed such a well crafted event in 23 years of my existence.

Now due to work, I couldn’t make it to the first 2 days thereby missing mouth watering events!!

But I was destined to make it to at least one day, and I finally did on 25th September.


The first event was about “Using Social Media to enhance your travels” by Ansoo Gupta who addresses travelers and travel-bloggers to unravel the best usage of social media and helps them to travel like a real explorer.

Her presentation gave me an insight about how well can I plan my travels.

At the same time, she said to make sure that social media should help you travel, not be stopping you from having fun!!

I got to know more about concepts like

  • Thorn Tree community
  • Couch Surfing

These will personally help me and any other traveler, not only in terms of money, but also in building and bonding in this travel community.



The second event I chose was “Speed Blogging and Tweetathon hosted by Aashutosh Katre, Director of Yellow Seed Content Solutions.

I never thought this concept could bring out the spontaneity out of me!!

I tweeted in 2 minutes each about words which sometimes never made sense to me.

I blogged on topics in 6-7 minutes which was the time allotted to us for every topic.

It was fast paced, and at the same time full of fun.


I still laugh whenever I read that post.

This event made my day.

Then came lunch.

One thing I noticed during lunch was that almost everyone were trying to interact with each other, finding out about events which they missed etc.

The interaction levels were on a high, and the food was delicious.

Post lunch, we headed to yet another event which was “New Media an enabler: Artist – Fan Direct Connect” where we got to hear straight from Leslie Lewis, a famous Indian Music Composer.

He, being versatile in various fields explained what artists have to cope up in today’s social media time!! His insights surely were a treat to listen to.

The event ended with him playing 2 songs for us. That was mesmerizing.

Unfortunately I couldn’t sit for the later events, but I followed them on twitter and it turned out to be awesome.

SMW Mumbai had the maximum social impact for the entire period of the event. We had more than 50k tweets which is a new record.

I personally would want to thank all the organizers who made this event what it turned out to be. Everyone who worked at the back to ensure nothing goes wrong deserves a huge applause.

Happy to be a part of this fun filled event.

 This post is written as a part of #CelebrateBlogging activity with BlogAdda

JIFI Is The Answer…

After 3 weeks of delay, I finally get the time to post this.
JIFI is here, finally.
3 weeks ago, I browsed through the entire website and was amazed with the setup Kotak Bank entered with.
Many features, a never like seen before account mechanism.
Read below to find my experience of visiting the JIFI page.
What is JIFI you may ask?
JIFI is like a new age savings account.
What do I mean by a new age savings account?
In simple words, a social + savings account.
Till now all we get our balances as a message sent to our smart phones.
With Jifi, you can actually check your balances on social media i.e. through Twitter.
There are a ton of things you can do using social media.
Add this below list too.
When you click this link, there would be a huge list of hash tags (#) which can be used to avail services like balances, last 3 transactions, last payment, etc.
You want to find out the nearest branch?
Leave them a message on twitter.
You want to know if your cheque transaction is completed.
Leave them a message on twitter.
What’s the best part of this?
All your messages are in a direct message (DM) format which is like a personal chat.
So I’m rest assured.
Now we all have accounts where we have to maintain minimum balance like around 200/- or 500/-.
If you don’t then there are penalties which is a major turn off if you ask me.
Jifi comes here to my rescue too.
Their balance free account means I can use my money freely without any tension.
What more?
If you keep money in excess of 25,000 term deposits are created for which you get paid interest.
Isn’t that something to cheer for?
 While playing contests we are used to referring friends to win.
Here, you get points for every friend who joins JIFI.
What more?
These points are redeemable for cash.
1 point = 1 rupee.
E.g. – For every friend that joins, you get 250 points.
Just imagine if you manage to get 10 friends on board, i.e. 250 * 10 = 2500 /-
Too much..!!
JIFI has a loyalty club which allocates you points for every favorite, re-tweet and transactions placed online.
You will be awarded social points redeemable later for your loyalty.
Now if you have an app, then nothing better than that right?
Kotak has apps which help your personal and professional life too.
Personal in terms of offers on food, shopping etc.
Professional would be for all the banking transactions.
Kotak money watch will play the role of your parents who will keep track of every possible thing you do with the money.
Let it be your spending, saving etc, everything!
Last but not the least, the Platinum debit card.
It has a built in chip which adds to the security of your transactions.
Also, you can withdraw up to 50,000 daily with a limit of 2, 00,000.
Isn’t all this too much to fathom?
What I have finally understood after reviewing JIFI as a whole is that Kotak has used the most important concept according to me i.e. NEEDS OF THE CUSTOMER.
By placing us customers on the pedestal, they have minimized our efforts to a bare minimum.
So much in one account will keep us from joining elsewhere.
They linked social media as it’s like our lifeline now.
All for us.
I bet banking can’t get better.
15,760 people have already connected with JIFI.
What’s stopping you?
Hop on.
Be amazed with the JIFI experience.
This post is written for #JIFIishere i.e. a part of

IndiBlogger Meet – Legendary!!

This was my first Indi-Blogger meet.
Some details on the meet:
Location – Mumbai, Cafe Zoe
Topic – Kotak bank’s new #jifi account
Name of the event – #JifiIsHere

My Expectations from the meet:
Meeting new people
Having a good time

Both the items on my list were check marked within the first 10 minutes of my entry.

Now let me tell you right from the start…
These guys (Indi blogger team) are not the guys who procrastinate.
Always doing stuff on time seems to be their priority.
I & my friend entered in Cafe Zoe.
On entry, they kept 3-4 laptops with one page opened.
The best way to enter in is to enter your login ID to Indi blogger.
After doing it successfully in my first attempt, we headed in.
All we could see was a huge projector screen, 2 LED’s, a Dj, the Bar & many guys in Indi Blogger Tees!

We took our seats, gorged on starters, had some drinks, and waited for th4 event to start.
They got everyone to do lots of stuff to pass the time.
Taking a selfie
Woof, I’m not a fan, honestly but I must have been a part of at least 5-10 selfies.
We Mumbaikars were trying to beat Bangalore for the maximum public in a selfie.
I hope we did that..!!

Also they had a dedicated hash tag i.e. #JifiIsHere where everyone from the 3 states was tweeting on the go.
They gave spot prizes in the tune of shopping vouchers. Boy did they make many happy!!
The tweets were increasing at a fast paced level and so were the people.
So much so, that the seats were full, literally!!

Then came the MC of the event who kept us all entertained throughout and kept distributing prizes… (Seriously, how did you’ll get so many!!)
The chief guest was unknown to us, and thus the guessing game began.
Someone from the back rows got it right, and there he entered.
Mr. Chetan Bhagat..!!
We all were surprised, and then began the event.
Kotak has introduced a new account which is unusual and unique in its own way.
It lets you connect your account to Twitter & Facebook.
So you can check your balances on your Facebook, and Twitter page.
The mere thought made me realize how far we have evolved in technology aspects.
Then arrived the Q & A round.
Many questions were asked, many were answered convincingly.
They showcased some 1 minute videos on Jifi account opening benefits.
That was all.
The later part of the event was just to mingle around, have lunch and desserts.
I liked it.
The way it was organized, the way it ended.
Obviously, if it were more interactive it would have been fantastic.
But all in all a brilliant event.

End of the day, there is one thought which I would like to share with you bloggers!

During the event, when I looked around the crowd gathered,
All I could see were people, quite in contrast, in ages, in styles, way of speaking.
But there was one thing which united us.
We are Bloggers.
We write.
We think.
We imagine.
We perceive.
Our thoughts might vary depending on the subjects, but we like sharing our thoughts through our blogs.
Events as such make us realize a lot of things.
I met many people, who had so much knowledge on stuff I don’t keep Intel on.
I didn’t know their names, but did know what they write.
Surprising isn’t it…
I hope this will be the first of many successful Indi Blogger meets for me.
Looking forward to the next visit..!!