Best dark chocolate in India

The Nation wants to know… How much dark chocolate can I eat every day?

One bite of chocolate a day can keep the doctor far away!

History states chocolate is the food of gods. Yes, I felt like one when munching on my favorite chocolate. I am a chocolate lover, but it surprises people when I say I tried my first dark chocolate only a decade ago.

I tried this chocolate with a friend and instantly hated it. My god, the hate I had for that person was surprising. How could somebody spew hate in chocolate? That thought ran through my mind for the next few days.

Finally, after two or three attempts, I started liking this dark bitter chocolate. It actually is an acquired taste.

Do you know why does dark chocolate has a bitter taste?

Flavanol is a plant chemical present in cacao beans. This is the reason dark chocolates have a bitter taste.

Whether you are looking for a chocolate gift pack, hamper, or basket, add this chocolate to it as it is healthy. Yes, you heard it right! The health benefits of dark chocolate are clear with regular consumption. I know what some will do after reading this line.

Yay, I will have this chocolate every day.

Please don’t be this type of person. An average dark chocolate bar has over 600+ calories. Consuming this daily will do more harm than good for your health.

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How much dark chocolate can I eat every day?

As per studies, 1.6 ounces (25 to 50 grams) of a dark bitter chocolate bar are good enough for daily consumption. Square-wise, have one piece per day.

But is dark chocolate good for weight loss, heart, skin, high blood pressure, and diabetes? Many studies show the benefits of this chocolate. I will list a few benefits of having an ounce of this chocolate every day.

Best dark chocolate in India

1. Nutrition:

Let’s get straight to the point. An ounce of dark chocolate (70 to 85% cacao) fulfills over 50% of the daily value for iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, and other minerals.

2. Diabetes & Lower Blood Pressure:

Flavanols in this bitter chocolate reduce risk factors related to insulin resistance. This chocolate also has anti-hypertensive properties that help in lowering blood pressure.

3. Protects your heart:

Consuming this chocolate offers anti-inflammatory effects that protect your heart from cardiovascular diseases.

How to choose the best dark chocolate in India?

Let’s keep it simple. There are few ingredients for any dark chocolate flavor. Look for one which has no trans fat and less sugar. If you are going for a specific flavor, find dark organic chocolates. This way, you know the flavors are not artificial.

Bee Tee's Melt - Best Dark Chocolate in India

Nowadays, I am focusing on finding the best artisan chocolate and bean-to-bar chocolate brands in India. Bee Tee’s Melt is one such brand that fits my requirements.

They source beans through artisans, cacao farmers locally in Kerala and internationally in Vietnam. Right from roasting, grinding, molding, and packing – They do it all. I tried a few options, and I’m impressed. I’m sure you will be too. Check out all their chocolate options on their website.

Bee Tee's Melt - Best Dark Chocolate in India



MSME in India

MSME in India is struggling. Here’s how going digital can help them succeed!

Imagine this:

You start a small business. It took you a while to generate the idea, arrange for the funds, look for a suitable location, and find labor. After getting a small business loan, all your dreams came true.

The first few months, you made decent money. Life will be better for my family! And that’s when the pandemic arrived, and the government issued a lockdown. The business takes a hit, sales go down, cannot pay the shop rent and the loan EMI anymore. It comes down to two options – Arrange for funds or shut down your dream business.

This story is about millions of small business owners in India. To be exact, 6.3 crore businesses.

This is a story about Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME in India).

Micro small medium enterprises meaning:

As per the Government of India, MSME includes micro, small, and medium enterprises where the investment in machinery or equipment does not cross 1 crore, 10 crores, and 50 crores respectively.

Information about MSME sector India:

1. MSME sector contributes 29% of our GDP.

2. MSME sector is rapidly accepting digital payments. 72% accept it, and 28% prefer cash transactions.

3. Micro small medium enterprises minister Narayan Rane announced that the budget allocation for MSMEs in FY22 has doubled to Rs. 15,700 crore compared to Rs. 7,572 crore in FY21.

The MSME sector almost contributes one-third of our success. Protecting and helping this sector grow is the least everyone can do. With life getting back on track, these businesses want to get back to their feet. While some are back on track, many SME companies in India are still suffering and looking for a solution.

How does going digital help MSME in India?

With most of your customers working from home, taking the digital route is crucial for MSME. These businesses need to go digital to survive, compete, and succeed. Here are a few ways this is possible.

1. Get subscription management software:

Getting subscription management software for your business sorts multiple problems for you. It can automate many tasks, handle billing, and help you understand your customer. You can run your business smoothly, use data and analytics to understand what’s not working for your business and change your plans.

2. Create social media profiles and your Google business profile:

Today, creating social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a Google business profile is a must. As a small business, customers can find you faster if you are active on social media. You can accept orders on social media and conduct business.

Listing your business profile on Google is essential, as customers can locate you. Most customers are searching for products to buy on Google. Also, most will read reviews before making a buying decision. So work on your Google profile ASAP!

3. Communicate with customers & take their suggestions:

Customer is the king! Treat them like one. Running a business doesn’t just mean creating a product and selling it. Understand what your customer likes and dislikes. Take their suggestions. When you communicate with your customers and take their recommendations, it improves their relationship with you. This can be an enormous boost for your business revenue.

Using social media, you can send promotional offers, discounts, and other notifications. Staying in touch with customers is necessary, so they remember you while making a purchase.

The future of MSME in India:

Life after March 2020 has seen a growth in Digital India. Most of your existing and potential customers are using their phones a lot. Also, 72% of businesses accept digital payments. If you are not accepting digital payments, you might lose most customers to competitors. The same applies to your business not being listed on Google.

Also, with technology growing at a rapid pace, any MSME can try these 3 steps to take their business digital and succeed quickly.


  1. RBI – Definition of MSME
  2. IBEF – Data on MSME
  3. TOI – Data on Collateral free loan for MSME

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best single premium ULIP policy in India

A Comprehensive Guide to Single Premium Policy

Financial planning is a crucial part of everyone’s life to prepare for a comfortable future. There are a few ways you can do this. One of the main ways is investing in a single premium policy to build up a sizable corpus for your future. This is one of the best ways you can safely save enough money to provide you and your loved ones with a financially secure future. 

A single premium policy is a type of insurance policy that requires one to pay the decided sum at once in a single premium.

The returns through this policy are much better than other policies through market investments, ranging from 1.1 times the amount to 10 times. A single premium policy also provides life cover for you and your family. This, however, is the least of the benefits of this one premium policy. Here’s everything you need to know about the same:

1. Single Premium:

One benefit is the single premium itself. Many people find that beneficial. This is because, for insurance policies, you are paying premiums month after month. This can get quite tedious. With this one premium policy, you pay your amount in one premium, and you never have to worry about regular premium payments again.

2. Financial Security:

As a single premium policy provides life cover, the policy will take utmost care of your family in your absence. They just have to file a simple claim for the lump sum to be paid out to them.

3. Tax Benefits:

Single premium policies come with a lot of tax benefits. The policy premium is eligible for deduction of up to Rs. 1.5 lakh under Section 80C. Also, the death benefits paid by the same are tax-exempt under Section 10 (10D), making sure your family will not have to stress over taxes in your absence.

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4. Multiple Fund Options and Switches:

You have complete control over where you invest your money in this one premium policy. One can choose from many fund options, such as equity, debt, and balance for your savings. You can also switch funds multiple times to always stay in the area that benefits you most.

5. 100% Investment:

You get the total benefits of this policy as 100% of your money is safely invested in any funds of your choice. 10x times, this premium money will be tremendously beneficial to provide your family with financial security in case of the death of the sole bread earner.

Keeping these points in mind, it is all you need to know about a single premium policy to understand its worth. Investing in one is a clever decision to build up a hefty amount for a comfortable and stress-free future for your family. 

Look at ICICI’s Pru1 Wealth single premium insurance policy and all the benefits provided by the same. ICICI is one of the most trusted companies in India, with a high claim settlement ratio. This means when you choose ICICI, your money will be in safe hands.