U is for Upma – A to Z Challenge 2020

Any Indian at some point in their life has tried an Upma for breakfast. You might have tried it either,

At Breakfast

When you are running late to the office on an empty stomach

As the best company with Tea

You have less money in your pocket

No matter what the reason be, Upma has been a part of every Mumbaikar’s life. There are hundreds of stalls all over the city starting as early as 7 am. They do this for every passerby to enjoy this hot and tasty breakfast option.

There are various names in India for this tasty dish. It is also called as Uppumavu (Tamil), Uppittu (Kannada), Saanja (Marathi)

How many Upma calories do we consume?

In general, there would be somewhere between 170-225gms of calories in this breakfast option. There are health benefits like,

Slow digestion that keeps your stomach full for longer time

Improves immunity with Vitamin B & E

Good for your heart & keeps you energetic

Where to Order Upma online?

Since I reside in Mumbai, I could only find a few delivery places that send food in Mumbai. Here is the list!

Fresh Menu



How to make this at home?

Here are some recipes that will help you make upma with oats, vermicelli, and rava. To make it easier for all, I will be adding these recipes in different languages like Hindi, Marathi & English.

Upma recipe in Hindi – Cook Pad

English – Indian Healthy Recipes

English – Dassana – Veg Recipes of India

Marathi – Chakali

Marathi – Majhi Marathi

So have fun and enjoy your breakfast at home. Stay Safe!

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4 thoughts on “U is for Upma – A to Z Challenge 2020”

  1. This is the 3rd Upma post for the day and now my mouth is watering. Haha.
    Your post though is different with suggestions. Others were recipes. Thanks for the recommendations and suggestions.
    Will be sure to try a few after the lockdown.

    1. Haha, yes it is a mouth-watering breakfast option! I’m glad you found some amazing suggestions in my blog!

    1. Hey Alpana, yeah it indeed does fill you up! When I’m off to a new journey, I make it a point to have the upma in morning!

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