U is for Ubiquitous – A to Z Challenge 2018

U is for Ubiquitous which means present everywhere.

Time is something that doesn’t wait for you, me or anyone else. Our problems however always wait for us. They are there today, tomorrow and for the whole year. Facing them alone is alright and brave. But having someone around to hear you rant and cry during these times is a luxury. I call it a luxury as it’s not always that everyone can remove time for us. They have a life too and have their own shit to go through. If they still manage time for you and are ubiquitous then you are lucky.

Being present every time for someone is a selfless act. In today’s time this word applies to only few people. Yes, parents are always ubiquitous for most of us. Blessed are those who have them and get to talk to them daily. But apart from them there are friends/companions who remove time for you. They do it out of their sheer love towards you. Be nice to them. Thank them once a while for being there when you needed them the most. Remember that there are many that don’t have such gems in their life. They fight a lone battle and it’s not a good sight.

To be honest with you people, I am not selfless. My friends know I don’t pick up any calls at night no matter what the situation. I value my sleep to be more important. My belief is that when you’re dealing with a problem, it is existing even during the day time. Hence you can talk to me during the day right up till 12 in the night. Yes, I agree that is very selfish and harsh but that’s how I’ve been. Have I lost few people due to this? Possibly yes. After all this, there are few who are still there for me when I need them. They don’t ignore my calls or messages. If I need them, they’re there for me. So I thank all of you to the moon and back for being there for me.

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

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