T is for Tandoori Chicken – A to Z Challenge 2020

I miss Tandoori Chicken, do you too?

Since the Coronavirus has gotten us locked down in our houses, I miss so many food items. The worst part is that all food prices have gone up! I remember buying Chicken for as little as 30 rupees per kilo a day prior to the “Janata Curfew”. Now prices are skyrocketing with some places reporting 150+ rupees per kilo!

How will we make Tandoori chicken at home on gas/in the oven if the chicken is so costly? Okay let me stop ranting about food prices and I’ll share a bit of history with you.

History of Tandoor:

While the concept of Tandoor predates to Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro days, the Tandoori Chicken authentic recipe was developed by Kundan Lal Gujral right before partition.

He shifted to Delhi and began creating this iconic meal from the globally acclaimed “Moti Mahal” restaurant.

Where to order online?

If you are looking to order Tandoori Chicken online near me, then smile as I’ve found websites that are open for delivery in Mumbai! Here is the list:



Licious – If you’re looking for a variety in Chicken Items

What is the best recipe to make Tandoori Chicken?

I’ve also found some of the best recipes that you can use and make this delicious food at home. To make it easier for all, I will share the recipe in 3 different languages. Have fun cooking!

Marathi – RuchkarJevan

Hindi – PakwanGali

English – Indian Healthy Recipes

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  1. Your post makes me super hungry and I find myself craving for Tandoori chicken. However, rather than ordering from outside I shall use one of the recipes you suggest to follow. Great suggestions here. Thanks.

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