U is for Urticant – A to Z Challenge 2017

U is for Urticant which means irritating.

Firstly, have you ever irritated anyone ever in your lifetime?

Probably you might not tell divulge any details about that, right?

While I do like to be understanding and calm sometimes, to irritate people also becomes a pass time for me.

By irritating I mean pulling their leg, not letting them work when there’s a deadline, telling them they look hideous when they ask about their new dress/shoes etc.

Of course, I do this in good jest. The ones I am mean with know that I’m just pulling their leg.

But here comes the trick side. I might not know when their feelings get hurt or when I say something which they might not like!

Hence I carefully be irritating! (that sounds funny on any level)

I have to choose my words and then speak!

Quite a funny life eh?

What about you? Have you ever been irritating to anyone ever?

That’s all for today!

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10 thoughts to “U is for Urticant – A to Z Challenge 2017”

  1. Excellent word. New to me. You’re a stirrer (in Australia we often add another word before the word stirrer). I like to stir people too, and I’m pretty good at reading whether or not I can continue or should back off. I can take as as good as I as well. If someone I know is really annoying me -beyond a joke- I tell them to knock it off.

    1. Hehe he… I’m a stirrer then! Yes, beyond a point we have to ask the person to stop because we don’t know what will happen next.

  2. I had to grasp the nettle and hope it didn’t sting before reading your post. My wife has suffered bouts of urtica over the years but so far doctors have not solved what brings on. As for me I often been told I irritating so I guess I qualify to be called an urticant

    U for Uncle Tom’s Cabin and a quote to be identified. http://bit.ly/2q0xFPl

    1. Oh.. Is it.. I guess everyone at some point of time might have been called irritating. Lol.

    1. Haha, I’m glad you liked it. Yes, the letter U had few options like Uttapam too! But the love for Upma is supreme!

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