S is for Sushi – A to Z Challenge 2020

1,800 years. That’s how long Sushi has been on Planet Earth!

While we all think Japan is the place where it all started, history states it was somewhere in Southeast Asia where people started eating this. It then moved on to China and Japan!

Somewhere in the 18th century, Hanaya Yohei, a cook invented the modern style sushi that we all happily eat. At that time, this was a staple street food that people would eat with their hands watching theater performances.

But in 1923, an earthquake in Tokyo resulted in property prices going down.

Because of this, chefs could afford properties and Sushi upgraded from street food to dining food!

Is there a sushi delivery near me?

Over the past few days, I have been sharing different ways you can order food online from places that are open. Today also I’ll be finding places for you from where you can order scrumptious food!

Sushi And More



How to make the best sushi rice?

I also understand that not all places allow orders online. And since we have all the time during this lockdown, let’s utilize our master chef skills. Here are some of the best sushi recipes that I know. I will provide you with recipe links for both; English and Hindi!

Vegetarian style (English) – Archana’s Kitchen

Vegetarian style (Hindi) – Bold Sky

Indian special (English) – Cook Pad

Chicken and Prawns variety – Chef Tetsu Akahira

Salmon style (English) – Vaya Recipes

Have fun cooking!

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  1. Wow, that’s a whole lot of information about Sushi! The dish is still on my “To-try” list, now I am even more intrigued. Thank you for this post.

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