S is for Snell – A to Z Challenge 2018

S is for Snell which means quick, keen and sharp.

I like people who are sharp in their thoughts and words. They have a clear mindset. They don’t forget what you said a minute ago, a year ago or a decade ago. It is impossible to fake or lie your way out of an argument with them. You will be roasted. Having such people around you is fruitful in many ways. You always have a decent conversation and there is no crap.

This also brings me to another aspect. It is possible that you have a bad memory. You can rejoice as having snell people will help you remember everything. I say this with confidence as I am the one with a very bad memory. I usually do not remember birthdays, important dates, advice given, idea shared and even sometimes what has been spoken a day ago. But having such friends who always remind me makes me feel blessed.

It makes me wonder how must it feel to always know it all. It also makes me wonder if it is kind of bad to have such sharpness throughout the day. There are many who will be disappointed when they are corrected by you. There are also chances you’ll make few frenemies or enemies due to your quick reactions. But does that mean you have to stop being yourself? NO! You don’t have to change. It’s rare to have such abilities. Being like this will help you filter out the plastic people out of your life. Also, your words and advice will be heard genuinely.

In conclusion, if you happen to have such people in your life, you are lucky. Hold them close as they’re precious.

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

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