S is for Scelestic and Soporific – A to Z Challenge 2016

S is for Scelestic which means wicked; villainous.

Everyone has a wicked side. At least 99% of people do. At that moment there’s no good, no bad, no ugly. Our minds work in such a fashion when we are hurt/insulted etc. We can make dangerous plans, escape routes, how to plan the final scene, and other wicked plans. It just feels like the only way we can get peace is by getting even in our own way!

My school friends usually know if I’m planning or thinking anything wicked just by how I smile. They know someone’s time is up! (P.S – Everything is light-hearted & nothing is barbaric). So do you have a wicked side? Does it scare the shit out of the people who know you?


S is for Soporific which means sleepy.

Yes, this is a perfect word for all my post-graduation days and sometimes at work also. Below I will use soporific in a sentence and also mention the soporific definition.

I had this group of friends; 4 of us. We would yawn and yawn until there were tears in our eyes. A lecture began and I’d feel someone’s tried to use chloroform on me. Feeling sleepy is such a good feeling.

The same happens during work.
You get some boring task – You feel sleepy.
Next, you had a heavy lunch – So you feel sleepy.
Finally, you have less work – And you feel sleepy.

And the most hilarious of them all; You have heaps of work – You still feel sleepy. Which situation can you relate yourself to? Or are you active throughout the day?

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This post is written as a part of the A-Z challenge 2016 where bloggers from all around the world will blog for the whole month, daily based on all the alphabets in chronological order.

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19 thoughts on “S is for Scelestic and Soporific – A to Z Challenge 2016”

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  2. I can relate this and totally agree with you those books have a chloroform in them! Doesn’t matter how active you are but when you take books in hand then I started yawning. 🙂

  3. Scelestic is a good word. Although I would not call myself to be particularly scelestic, but theer are some times when i feel and think wicked and quite enjoy it! And soporific is so true in our life, especially in our job!

  4. You are so right. We all have a wicked side and it does come out from time to time. And I feel like sleeping the moment I see my laptop and deadlines. I hope you win the challenge!

  5. Office meetings that go on and on have a tendency to put you to sleep. This tendency tends to be directly proportional to the timing of the meeting. If they happen after lunch, more the probability of sleep taking over the meeting.

  6. Wow interesting, I was not aware of the Scelestic and Soporose. Yes I think for me when I have boring or very less work, I feel very sleepy. I need lots of work to keep myself engaged and happy throughout the day.

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