Best selling products to purchase on Amazon in 2020

Whether it’s a Smartphone, grocery, or books, Amazon has become our go-to portal for shopping online. With quick delivery and decent pricing all year round, you’ll always find some amazing product on sale that you wish to buy.

Like you, I have been buying products from Amazon for a very long time. I am a Prime member since inception and utilize each of the benefits like one-day delivery and no delivery charges.


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Anyway, August is a month where discounts and deals are always higher than normal. Hence keeping this in mind, I have listed a variety of products with their best deals. If you have any need for them, do click on the link provided and purchase them.

I hope you find a product that’s valued to you!

Here’s my unique and special list of products that can be found on Amazon.

1. Four Blind Mice by James Patterson: Kindle Edition

James Patterson is one of the best crime and mystery authors. His “Alex cross” series of novels are critically acclaimed. “Four Blind Mice” is one amazing murder mystery that is a must-read forever book lover.

If you have a Kindle or like reading on your phone/desktop, then this e-book surely is an amazing addition.

2. Samsung Galaxy M31 (Ocean Blue):

When it comes to mid-range smart phones, Samsung has definitely captured the majority of the market with amazing phones with high-end specifications. The M31 has the following features:

RAM – 6 GB and Storage – 64 GB

Size – 6.4 inches and Dual SIM

OS – Android 10 and Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Camera – 64 MP main and 32 MP selfie mode

Battery – 6000 mAh and Fast charging supported

3. ELV Desktop Cell Phone Stand Tablet Stand

Holding a smart-phone for long intervals is quite painful and uncomfortable. Presenting, the ELV Desktop mobile phone stand. With over 7000+ ratings and 4+ stars, this is the perfect product for you.

Now have longer video calls and watch movies without stressing over your posture. Read books perfectly by moderating the height of this stand. There will be no scratches and sliding issues as this stand has anti-slip rubber pads.

4. iBall Decor 9-2.0 USB Powered Computer Multimedia Speakers

I Ball is one of the oldest and most premium brands available today for speakers computer accessories and other tech products. They have created an amazing brand and the products are long-lasting too.

Here’s one of their most premium level PC speakers that are reasonably priced. Do get this deal while you can!

5. Zinq Technologies Beast Portable Desktop Speaker

Another speaker that has a great impact apart from I ball is Zinq. In recent years, their products have been known to be of decent quality and lowest pricing ever.

Their beast portable speaker is tiny and will not cause any space issues for you. It has a decent level of sound and can be used by anyone who wants a regular use speaker for their house. You also get a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer for less than 500 INR. Isn’t that great?

6. JBL C100SI In-Ear Deep Bass Headphones with Mic

JBL is a well-known brand in the market. They have been serving the audience with some of the best earphones ever. As most of us find it difficult talking for long hours, earphones with a mic can solve this concern.

Here’s where the C100-SI enters. With a 4 star rating and over 65,000+ reviews and 1000+ answered questions, this is an earphone that the masses have enjoyed.

Another aspect that must be noted is that this earphone comes under the sub-1000 price range. If bass and high-quality sound is what you desire at the lowest price, then look no further.

So here are some of the top products right now that are trending. If you like any of these listed products, please do buy them and enjoy them! Do let me know if you feel I should add more products to this list.

7. Thrust Master GP XID PRO 

Any Gamer in the house? If the answer is Yes, then there’s nothing better than this controller. As most games today are played using a controller on PC, it becomes important for every gamer to have one controller.

While there are multiple choices and options, the best ones are priced a tad bit higher. That’s where Thrust Master comes in. With an ergonomic design and easy setup, you can enjoy playing games without any worry. All you have to do is plug into your PC. That’s all. It’s easily compatible with Windows 7-10.


Please note that I might earn a small amount of commission for my recommendation, endorsement, testimonial, and/or link to any range of products or services from my blog. Your purchase will surely help in supporting my work so I can bring you real information about the amazing products that one needs.

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