Top 10 Popular Filters on HiPi

Do you like clicking selfies?

Are you bored using filters from Snapchat and Instagram?

Are you also kind of missing the Tik-Tok days?

Well, not anymore as there’s a new Indian player in the market.

Yes, it’s ZEE5 who’s bringing out their very own “HiPi”.

HiPi on ZEE5 app:

Launched on the eve of our 74th Independence Day under the #AtmanirbharBharat campaign, HiPi claims to be India’s favorite short video creating platform.

ZEE5 app brings their very own homegrown video platform so we all can enjoy creating content and sharing it with the world.

HiPi is a integrated short video platform on ZEE5 and is already creating a buzz amongst everyone who loved Tik-Tok. This is because unlike the former, you can create 90-second videos on HiPi.

Isn’t that so cool? Apart from that, you can also add music tracks to your videos and make videos in various categories such as,

1. Action

2. Retro

3. Party

4. Love N Beauty

5. Primary

Each category has 7-8 filters that give you enough scope to make tons of videos without any repetition.

So before I could start telling you about 10 exciting and most used filters, let us get you acquainted with some of the terms used in HiPi on the ZEE5 app.

HiPiZ – When you ask people to join the HiPi army – When will you become a HiPiZ.

HiPiDom – When your fans and followers keep on increasing, that means your HiPiDom is increasing.

HiPiLove – When people like and appreciate your work, you can say “Thanks for showering HiPiLove on my HiPiT’s.

HiPiT – When you create a new video, you can say “Look at this HiPiT created by me”.

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Top 10 Exciting Most Used Filters on HiPi ZEE5app:

Camera reel – Bring back the old-fashioned feel with the “Camera-reel” filter.

Sakura – Love flowers? Then Sakura is exactly the filter for you. Witness flowers falling on the screen as you capture an amazing video.

Kirakira – Now you too can become a star on HiPi. You can get stars on your screen as you create amazing content for your audience.

Mirror – Get mirror reflections on your videos and look awesome.

Thug Life – Look cool and bring out your “Thug-Life” version with this kick-ass filter.

Bling – If you want to shine bright like a diamond, then look no further and use the “Bling” filter.

Disco Lights – If you are the true Disco Deewane, then there’s no better filter than “Disco Lights”. Add zing to your party videos with this filter.

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Skull Face – Bring the dawn of skulls back with the “Skull-Face” filter. Show off your skull pose and share it with your HiPiDom.

Laser – Show off your anger “Hulk Style” with the Laser filter. If you like “Cyclops” from X-Men or Undertaker from WWE, this filter will surely make you happier.

Tricolor – Let’s show some love for our nation with the “Tricolor” filter. It’s very decent and you’ll love it.

So if you haven’t joined yet, then now’s the time because of all the fun #HappensOnHiPi. Let’s create amazing video content and become the next online stars!

Check out HiPi on the ZEE5 app –        

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