M is for Mango – A to Z Challenge 2020

Mango is known to be the King of Fruits! But with the COVID-19 lockdown, THE King seems to be in quarantine mode!

And I don’t like a single minute of this!

Of course, having mangoes increases body heat and that results in heat boils! But it’s mangoes man! It’s difficult to resist the urge!

Over the years, I’ve almost stopped having mangoes because of the after-effects it gives me. But the people around me are unfazed. They’d eat each mango like it’s the last one they’ll ever eat!

Yes, you can remember the Slice ad of Katrina Kaif! Pretty similar to that!

Mango near me in Mumbai A to Z Challenge 2020

Is Mango good for skin?

The nutrients in mango are good for your skin, eye & hair health & your liver. But remember excessive eating can be avoided. Also, people with high blood sugar (diabetes) can skip having it in large quantities.  

Where can I find mangoes near me?

With the lockdown being extended to May 3rd, it looks difficult for us to get mangoes. Fruit vendors have shut shops but not all of them. I did see some of my friends put up images last night! That means you can get mangoes near your area.

How about networking with neighbors now? It might be the answer to your solution.

If you do get to know where we can find mangoes, do comment below and let us all know!

What can be made with mangoes?

  • Make a salad using raw mangoes and chaat masala.
  • Aamras!
  • Aam Shrikhand
  • Kaccha Aam (Raw) chutney
  • Aam Panna
  • Ice cream
  • Smoothie, Lassi & Milk-shakes

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    1. Hey, I agree strongly… No one notices the heat… Because the fruit is irresistible and cannot be ignored…

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