N is for Nutella – A to Z Challenge 2020

Home is where Nutella is!

At least that’s what I’ve heard. No matter how sad you are or if you’ve had your heartbroken, Nutella can fill the gap.

How do you pronounce Nutella?

An age-old question! As per the company, the right way to pronounce this would be “New-tell-uh”.

What’s really in Nutella?

Well for those who don’t know, Nutella is a chocolate spread whose major ingredients are sugar and palm oil.

Can Nutella make you fat?

Not just fat but smiling and happy too! Jokes apart, if consumed in high proportions over time, yes you will gain weight.

How do you make things with Nutella?

Now that we are stuck at home until May 3rd, let’s make the best of it. Here are some combinations that you can try at home with Nutella.

  1. Add it to your Hot Chocolate or Cold Coffee.
  2. You can also top it over waffles and pancakes.
  3. Have Ice-cream at home? Add this spread over it. Thank me later!
  4. Toast bread slices and add this spread on it. Consume it when the bread is still warm.
  5. Make any milkshake/smoothie using this spread.
  6. Add it on Chapatis and Dosas.
  7. A french toast with Nutella? Yes, sir, it is possible.
  8. Create multiple varieties of a sandwich using this spread.
  9. Crepes, Pizzas and many more. The list can go on and on.
  10. Finally, if all fails, just get a spoon, take the jar and enjoy until it lasts!

These are some of my suggestions for this sweet spread. Do you have any suggestions on what can be created using this chocolate spread? Do comment below and let me know.

Here are some recipe options that one can make using Nutella. For user’s convenience, I have added recipes in 2 languages i.e. English and Hindi.

  1. Indian Healthy Recipes – English
  2. Country Living – English
  3. Mom Junction – English
  4. Tarla Dalal – Hindi
  5. Pakwan Gali – Hindi

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30 thoughts to “N is for Nutella – A to Z Challenge 2020”

  1. Just that title pic was drool-inducing because of all the memories it brought up ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Wow!! That’s really good. Thank god I chose that image only. Also, Nutella is like a pure form of love only no?

    1. Haha, yes Doctor! It’s a jar of happiness. Works wonders. As I wrote this, there was a jar of Nutella (which just got emptied). Loved it!

  2. wow..I am reading this post in the early morning hours and what a sweet start of my day. I use Nutella in cakes…

    1. Wow. Isn’t it a good way to start your day! Try some of it today if you have Nutella!

  3. I freaking love this stuff. A spoon… my finger… whatever. Ha ha ha. I’ve never had it in coffee though. Now I’m gonna have to try that.

    1. Hey, everyone loves it. It’s just something that can make us happy easily. Try the coffee option too! Might be great!

    1. Wow Vidur, it’s rare to know someone who hasn’t tried Nutella. Do try it sometime. It’s heavenly.

  4. Nutella is soul food. You don’t feel good, grab some Nutella, you’re craving chocolates grab some Nutella, there’s no dessert after a good meal grab some Nutella. Loved how you conveyed this.

    1. Hey there. I know right! It just felt right to share about Nutella. It is true love.

  5. Yes, Nutella is pure love! And sometimes I dont even care if I am gaining weight! Now I need to go looking for some happiness!

    1. Hey Amrita, I can feel you. Even on my diet, one fine day I craved for it. Off I went and purchased a small jar that got over in a week!

    2. I have tried with cold coffee, bread toasts and chapattis๐Ÿ˜‹ the rest I will definitely try out. However nothing makes me more happier than the spoon extraction ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

      1. Yummy is the word. And yes, no matter what options you place in front of me, nothing will beat the spoon extraction. It’s like 100% pure love.

  6. Sometimes I purposefully do not keep Nutella at home as I am so fond of it that I will just keep eating when it is in front of me ๐Ÿ˜€ It is true love and it goes with anything and everything.

    1. Hey Raksha, the struggle is real.I know how it makes me feel as I can’t keep it as part of my diet.

    1. Hey Avantika, I haven’t tried Hershey’s spread yet. But now my sweet tooth is craving for it. Must try it soon.

  7. Nutella is pure ecstasy for me .. whenever I am down with my mood and feel like eating something nice ..I do wonders with Nutella. But ya I seriously need to keep my weight in check although ..

    1. Hey Debjani, I know weight is the only reason why Nutella stays far away from my life. But once a month, I forget everything and go for it. It’s worth it.

    1. Hey there. Yes, Nutella in any form is loved. Whether cookies, ice cream or even the basic jar spread.

  8. Wow… so many recipes with nutella… wondering i i should share them with my nieces… while they will love my, there mommies will stop my entry into their houses orever.

    1. Hey Nidhi, haha, yes that is an extreme possibility. I have an idea. Share it with the mothers. It will automatically reach the kids.

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