L is for Lollipop – A to Z Challenge 2020

Kamaria kare lapa lop, lollipop lagelu!

I’m sorry when I just hear this word, the song happens to play on my mind! I’m so hooked to this song, I would TEACH it to most of my friends. Now they too are hooked on to it!

Lollipop as a food option has been a favorite at any party right?

Chicken is the most preferred option but vegetarians too have their version too. For me, whether it’s a drinking session, a party or an event, lollipops are a must-have!

It’s one of a kind “easy to eat and not cause a mess” food choice!

What is the most popular lollipop?

If you’d ask me about the best flavor, I would choose 2 variants i.e. the general flavor and “apple chicken” that’s with gravy. Both have their perks and taste amazingly good when you add a schezwan dip.

What are the best recipes for Chicken Lollipops?

Here are some of the best chicken lollipop recipes that you must try once. For your convenience, I have added recipes in 2 languages i.e. English and Hindi.

  1. Indian Healthy Recipes – English
  2. My Food Story – English
  3. All Recipes – English
  4. Pakwan Gali – Hindi
  5. Cook Pad – Hindi
  6. Zayka Recipes – Hindi

Where can I find the best Indian chicken lollipop near me?

Currently, with the COVID-19 lockdown extended to 3rd May, shops are shut. But cold storage shops are still running in a few places. You can check them in your area. Also, you can look for chicken lollipop and drums of heaven online at various stores. Just check if they deliver to your area.

Here’s the list of places from where you can get lollipops:

Order via Swiggy,


Nature’s basket or

Big Basket.

What are some of the best places that you have tried the Chicken Lollipop? If there’s a recipe that you’d like to TEACH us, kindly share it below in the comments!

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20 thoughts on “L is for Lollipop – A to Z Challenge 2020”

  1. Chicken lollipop is perhaps one of the first Inde-chinese dishes that I would have ever tasted.

    And years later, it still remains my favourite.

    Your post has made me crave for it in this lockdown.

    1. Hey Sanjay, I know it’s my favorite too. But you can order it via the links I shared. I hope they do in your area….

  2. Bro angry on u, I. Hehe kidding , well penned u know my favorite dish. Am Missing the restaurant style lollypop Bradly ya.

    1. I know chef… Missing food that we took for granted… Do you think they would be missing us too? Hehe… Food for thought!

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