F is for French Fries – A to Z Challenge 2020

French Fries! There are so many one-liners I can share on this:

1. Lots of Exercise? I thought you said lots of extra fries!

2. I speak only French (fries)!

3. My favorite day of the week is Fry-Day!

4. Your French fries are simply my French fries on the wrong plate.

5. And finally, you’re the ketchup to my fries!

The history of French fries dates back to the 16th century & is often disputed.

Some say it originated in Belgium and some say in France. No matter what the reality is, on behalf of everyone, I’d like to thank you for giving us such an amazing food item.

Like eggs, French fries too can be had at any point of the day. You can pair it along with your burger, pizza, & even your main course! It just fits!

The thing about fries is that you need to fry it right. If it’s overcooked, or undercooked you might either lose the taste or it might be too hard to chew!

Thankfully I have been to places where these fries have melted my heart. It would be wrong if I didn’t share it with you guys!

French Fries

Here are some of the best places I’ve tried Fries:

1. Doolally Taproom, All over Mumbai:

Perhaps one of the best places for fries, you get 5 amazing dips with the likes of Mango Salsa, Coriander Pesto, etc. It’s perfect to use it as a sharing plate along with friends while you sip on some brewed beers.

2. The J, All over Mumbai:

It’s rare to find niche places just for fries. The J is one of such places that serve lots and lots of fries! There are tons of sauce options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. (P.S – There’s takeaway too!)

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3. 145 and Bombay Fries:

Lastly, adding two outlets namely, 145 Cafe and The Bombay Fries. These two outlets have some amazing options when it comes to fries!

Recipes for French Fries:

There are multiple recipes to make french fries at home. To make it easier for you, I have listed them down in 3 different languages namely English, Hindi and Marathi. Have fun!

English – Hebbars Kitchen

English – Veg Recipes of India

Hindi – Zayka recipes

Hindi – Cook-pad

Marathi – Chakali

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30 thoughts on “F is for French Fries – A to Z Challenge 2020”

    1. Hey Harjeet, that’s great to know. Making your own food is probably the best feeling! Cheers to you. Happy A to Z.

  1. F is for faltering too and with your update on this absolutely sinnable delicacy, that’s what I am gonna do.

    Faltering on my diet with some fries is my next agenda.

  2. Sandy N Vyjay

    French Fries are something that none can deny loving. We love them and we survived on them during some of our travels in Europe. Yes who cares where they from, as long as they continue to satiate out palates.

    1. Well I totally agree… Had been to Bangkok recently and there too after a point of experimenting with food, I did try French fries… The love it eternal…

    1. Hey Anahita, wow that too must be an amazing feeling only. The aroma of those fries… Oh I miss them a lot now…

    1. Heya, yes, please!
      I’m mentioning the food from each letter.
      What I’m also trying is to let everyone know about the best places the food can be found!

  3. Omg, fries are the most comfort food ever! And I totally agree with the order of your recommendations😍😍 Doolally tops my list too, love their dips with the fries.

    1. Hey, glad to know! With all this lockdown, I’m too waiting for the time when I can devour these french fries.

    1. Hi Khushboo, thank you so much for visiting. I’ve loved french fries and now know how important it is since the lockdown.

  4. I love french fries and yes, even my favourite day is Fryday! Thanks for sharing these information about french fries!

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