F is for Flibbertigibbet – A to Z Challenge 2017

F is for Flibbertigibbet which means a gossipy or flighty person.

Flibbertigibbet does sound funny and hence I chose this word!

Gossiping is not bad!

Hear me out.

Because the only reason I say so is that we humans like to meddle in any business apart from ours too!

First of all, it’s rare to know a person who hasn’t gossiped with anyone!

Most of all, it’s good if you just do that with few people like a focus group or family, close friends, etc.

If you’re a Flibbertigibbet type of a person and you like to gossip a lot then consequently you shall get a tag and people around you will play safe when they talk!

Probably you will lose trust and would almost be not told any secrets. Being a person who gossips a little is okay.

It’s not possible to keep everything inside your mind, is it?

In conclusion, spilling other secrets is a strict no-no. It hurts a lot and you lose a lot in the end.


That’s all for today!

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9 thoughts on “F is for Flibbertigibbet – A to Z Challenge 2017”

  1. I clicked on your post because I knew the letter and I read it quite often in regency period romances.

    It a funny word that’s has a feel of an onomatopoeia.

    Cool post.

    1. Hi Tina, I’m glad you liked it.. Yes, it’s best to see the happy side whenever you can right? Stay tuned for more such words!

    1. Hi Kalpanaa, that’s 100% correct. Gossiping with whom and where is a question you must ask yourself. Sometimes it’s good too!you get it off your system! Cheers!

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