G is for Galouti Kebab – A to Z Challenge 2020

For those who have no clue, be ready as today you will learn something new! Thank me later…

What is Galouti kebab?

Galouti translates to “soft”! This is a non-vegetarian kebab that’s known to be mixed with multiple spices and is so soft that it can literally “melt in your mouth”.

The Galouti Kebab was supposedly invented in the 17th century in Lucknow, India. The Nawab at that time wished to devour a kebab without biting as he had teeth issues (that’s really painful okay!). It is believed that at that time, more than 150+ exotic spices were used to create this masterpiece.

How do you make the best kebab?

You can choose your meat (mutton is preferable). You need to mince it, marinate it in ground spice powder, then deep-fried mixed in gram flour, green chilies & egg batter. Once done, you can enjoy your kebabs with mint chutney! It does pack a punch!

As usual, I will share some of the best places I’ve tried Galouti Kebabs.

  • Masala Library, BKC
  • Jyran, Sofitel BKC
  • Zaffran, Lower Parel
  • Ustaadi, CST
  • Kakori House, Mahim
  • Namak, Sahara Star, Vile Parle

These are some of the best places I’ve had the luxury of trying these soft kebabs. If you haven’t tried them yet, do it soon as this lockdown period ends! Also, stay home, stay safe!

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6 thoughts on “G is for Galouti Kebab – A to Z Challenge 2020”

    1. Yeah, and since we’re in lockdown mode, it does look more scrumptious than ever… I’m missing them already!

  1. I am a pure vegetarian. So, this is not the option for me. But I would go with the presentation and replace it with some vegetarian kababs.

  2. My daughter says the best ones are from licious. you order them and fry them in the comfort of your home and tell everyone ther’re home made 😉

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hahaha, that’s one way of doing it Unishta. Licious has some mad spreads as well. I tried their chicken spread and it was amazing.

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