E is for Egg – A to Z Challenge 2020

“Sunday ho ya Monday, Roz Khao Ande”

Do you remember this song?

Are you humming it right now?

I sure did that twice until my Mom gave me a look!

Probably considered as the best square meal on Earth, you can have an egg at any point of the day! Even before this social distancing period, Eggs were perhaps the favorite meal option for the majority!

Now because of the Coronavirus (Covid19) scare, people are home and are maintaining a social distance. Most of us have stocked groceries and essentials. Egg happens to be one of the necessities in my family!

What can I make from eggs?

You can opt to try eggs in various forms – Boiled, Poached, Scrambled & Fried. The best part is you can add these in desserts like waffles, crepes, custards, and cakes too!

What is the best way to eat eggs?

It’s completely your wish! You’re the cook, you decide how you wish to eat it. Don’t let anyone decide that for you too! As long as the food makes you happy & satisfies your hunger, everything is fair.

Is it OK to eat egg every day of the week?

 Considering the social distancing period, every day can be an egg day. Just don’t overdo it as it can generate a lot of heat in your body!

I’d like my egg when it’s sunny side up at any time of the day!

How do you like your eggs? What’s your favorite egg food dish? Comment below and let us know.

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4 thoughts on “E is for Egg – A to Z Challenge 2020”

  1. I love eggs and can eat them any time. My best egg is a sunny side up on a toast loaded with butter…. next comes a gooey scrambled again on butter, then akuri, and salli per eeda and cheese omlettes and fritata and egg sandwich and scotch eggs and anda curry and cream eggs……

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      That’s a lot and lot of eggs. You do love them a lot! I prefer the sunny side up, and the egg benedict as well!

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