If you crave adventure, you will love the new BS6 Royal Enfield Himalayan

Date – 25th May 2016

Place – Somewhere in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh

Some journeys can never be forgotten!

They leave you with tons of memories and experiences.

Today, I’ll share one such moment with all of you that resurfaced right after I watched the Royal Enfield Himalayan video.

Until 2014, traveling was not something that I did very often. It was only in 2015 when I started with a trip to Goa. The very next year in 2016, I had a week-long trip where I visited various parts of Himachal Pradesh.

One fine morning, we decided to explore Kheerganga. We hailed a local bus that would take us to the base point. The route to such places boasts of scenic beauty. You can just keep traveling and be struck with awe, for such is the beauty of nature. Or you can be like me who has motion sickness and doesn’t like traveling on the Ghats!

We were completely spellbound with nature when all of a sudden the bus screeched to a halt! And like that, we all came back to reality. On further inspection, we realized there was a huge rock that had managed to tumble and land exactly in the middle of the road.

Such was the precision of the fall that a 4 wheeler couldn’t pass through without falling down. Like everyone, we stepped down from the bus and waited until help arrived. Right then we heard a peculiar sound.

Was help reaching us quickly?

Was it a superhero?

No! It was a Royal Enfield motorcycle!

Royal Enfield Himalayan Price

Yes, just like that an Enfield passed a crowd full of people, an abandoned bus, and went past the huge rock stuck on the road. All we could do was watch the motorcycle as it passed by and went ahead without any hassle. Oh, what a day it had been!

That memory is still fresh in my mind like it was just yesterday. All thanks to this video I saw of the latest BS6 variant of Royal Enfield Himalayan bike range. The video shows a person who works from Monday to Friday and then rides on the weekend. Seeing him ride on “tough roads” and “no roads” reminded me of that rock incident and the Enfield that passed us.

The Himalayan too was launched in 2016 (around the same time I was in Himachal). Now, in 2020 they have launched an all-new range of BS-VI version bikes. The latest version packs in new features & is more comfortable for the rider. Here are a couple of Royal Enfield Himalayan images:

Royal Enfield Himalayan Price

These come in 6 different colors that are named after all 6 terrains in India namely;

  • Granite Black
  • Rock Red
  • Lake Blue
  • Gravel Gray
  • Sleet Grey and
  • Snow White

So, while we cannot really go on any form of adventures during the lockdown, the news that the road and the journey are waiting for me is enough to tide me over.

I end this post by asking you all… How are you spending this time?

34 thoughts on “If you crave adventure, you will love the new BS6 Royal Enfield Himalayan”

    1. Hey Troy, yes the road is a never-ending journey. Teaches us a lot and gives us experiences to remember.

  1. That’s an interesting experience, Lance! Two wheelers definitely have an advantage on the road. The views through the visor are much more beautiful as well.

    1. Hey Pooja, definitely it’s one of the best options when it comes to travel. And a brand like the Royal Enfield with Himalayan motorcycles is legit too good for the road.

  2. Wow, now that’s one beast on which I would like to travel to the mountains.
    And if the hills have eyes, watch me coming soon.

    1. Hahah… What a nice word play. The hills do have eyes. And they appreciate whenever a Royal Enfield bike wanders in.

  3. Wow this is a great review. Even though I don’t keep myself up-to-date with the bikes and are not seen many here in Australia, I still love them especially Royal Enfield.

  4. My son in law is a biker and I know how thrilling and adventurous it gets when you dont know what to expect on the next turn of the road. Loved readiyour post Lance.

    1. Hey Anahita, it’s great to know about it. And yes, adventure is always good. That feeling of being on the bike must be insane.

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  9. Interesting story mate… The sound of the Royal Enfield is indeed legendary and gives quite the thrill for fans worldwide..

    1. Hey Karthik, I’m glad you liked the story. Yes, not just the sound, it’s like an aura that everyone can feel and just be mesmerized by..

    1. Hey Pamela, I agree. When it comes to bikes and adventures, the Enfield surely comes to mind….

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Gautam, that does make the two of us. It’s something about a journey to Ladakh that feels incomplete without an Enfield.

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