Win Real Money with these Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

Do your predictions come true in cricket matches?

Do you enjoy IPL?

What if there is a way you can mix both and earn real money?

Yes, you know what I’m talking about.

You can play fantasy cricket and win cash daily by joining various apps and leagues. This can be done through a fantasy cricket app.

Fantasy Cricket Apps in India:

In recent years, fantasy cricket in India has gained a lot of attention and many in India love playing the game and predicting its outcome.

Such is the craze that people follow fantasy cricket tips for today match, join various fantasy cricket leagues, forums, and look for minute details so they can create the best team and win a lot of cash.

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I too have tried to play fantasy cricket and win real cash. Sometimes, I got lucky and the rest, well…. I can’t win every single time no!

Anyway, with so many online fantasy cricket apps in India, it can difficult to choose the best fantasy cricket sites in India. Hence to make it easier for you, here’s my special list of 5 apps that you can use and earn rewards.

Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Apps List for IPL:

Dream 11 Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

1. Dream 11 App

How can we not start with Dream11? Fantasy cricket Dream11 is perhaps the reason why many companies began creating their online fantasy app.

With the likes of Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni, KL Rahul, and many more promoting them, Dream11 now has the highest customer base.

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On every match day, you will find people posting,

  • Dream11 prediction
  • Dream11 team for today’s match, etc.

There are various competitions you can choose to participate from. Here are some details you must note for their “Refer N Earn” program – “Get 50% of every match fee that your friend plays”. You can find links below for the dream11 fantasy cricket app download.

Website – Click Here

Dream 11 Apk – Click Here to Install

Refer Code – LANCEQ1RS

My Team 11 Virender Sehwag

2. My Team 11

Next up, we have My Team 11, that’s being promoted by Virender Sehwag. Here too, you can play various contests, create your team, and win real cash.

The best part of this app is that it has lesser customers and hence reduces the competition for you. Another major USP of this app is that their “Refer N Earn” program is perhaps the best in the business as on each referral, your friend gets 100 rupees and you get 1000 rupees.

Website – Click Here to Visit

My Team 11 App – Click Here to Install

Refer Code – PS3BGYH1B8

MPL Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

3. MPL

In the past few months, you are bound to have heard about MPL i.e. the Mobile Premier League. Endorsed by Virat Kohli, this game has created an “IPL season pass” that costs 99 rupees only.

With this pass, you can enter one contest per game. Isn’t that great? Apart from the season pass, you can also participate in major contests that have high cash prizes. Also, for each successful referral of their “Refer N Earn” program, you can get 150 rupees.

Website – Click Here to Install

App Click Here to Install

Refer Code – N6562EE4

My 11 circle

4. My 11 circle

My 11 Circle arrived last year with Sourav Ganguly as their brand ambassador. They have an amazing platform where one can participate in various contests.

The fees are in single digits and double digits. You can enjoy IPL with “Dada” and earn real cash. If you check out their “Refer N Earn” program, you can get 51 rupees instantly and 10% of every match fee that your referred friend plays.

Website – Click Here to Install

AppClick Here to Install

Refer Code Click on this link

Hala Play Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

5. Hala Play

Hala Play was launched in 2019 with the Pandya brothers being its brand ambassadors. It has a smaller audience but does the job pretty well.

If you’re looking to enjoy online fantasy cricket, then do try Hala Play. Also, if you check out their “Refer N Earn” program, you and your friend both can get 50 rupees.

Website – Click Here to Install

App – Click Here to Install

Refer Code – ZGGKXV4A

There are many more Fantasy Cricket Apps in India like BalleBaazi, Faboom, Fan fight, etc that you can try.

Since I have tried only the above 5 apps, I could easily vouch for them and list them down for you. You can try them too, create the best teams, join contests, and win real cash.

Which is the best fantasy cricket app?

There is no set definition for the best online fantasy cricket app. There are many Fantasy Cricket Apps in India.

While Dream11 is the most famous cricket app, My Team 11 and My 11 Circle has picked up in the past few months. There is a lot of scopes here to play, enjoy, and win real cash.

How do you win in fantasy cricket?

While you create a team for any contest, the best way to win would be to read predictions online, check statistics of the ground, and the past few matches. This will give you a fair idea on whom to choose for your team.

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  1. Will definitely going to try these fantasy apps. Yesterday I downloaded fanfight and Halaplay and now will try my luck.

  2. I have heard a lot about MPL app. Will try to play it soon. Have heard it’s a real great one. Specially because one can earn while playing, it’s an icing on the cake.

  3. I just got into Dream11…found it really exciting and engaging..but am just a newbie and have a long way to go to see how the app works wonders for me!

  4. These Apps are definitely interesting and engrossing for every cricket lover.
    And the prospect of earning money too is the icing on the cake.

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  6. I’ve read your blog, it’s quite informative and interesting
    But friends, I can suggest you onfield11 cricket fantasy app, it’s an alternative to dream 11
    And many other cricket sports game
    onfield11 features quite cool and interesting and I’m eagerly waiting for the game to launch soon

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