Dream11 Wins the IPL 2020 Title Sponsor Race. Dream11 IPL 2020 is Ready To Rock in UAE

IPL 2020 was planned in March with the title sponsorship given to VIVO (Chinese Phone Company). But the event got postponed due to this never-ending pandemic.

On August 2nd, BCCI has announced the new schedule for UAE.

IPL 2020 will now start from 19th September and will end on 10th November in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

As you already know, VIVO’s affiliation with IPL started since 2017 as a 5-year deal. But sadly, it ended before the maturity period due to heated controversies between India and China. 

On 14th August BCCI published expression of interest (EOI) to attract new sponsors for IPL 2020 after VIVO’s exit. BCCI was looking to bag at least INR 300 CR out of 5 sponsor deals.

IPL 2020 in UAE

As compared to last year, BCCI has increased the number of sponsors from 3 to 5. This is done to overcome the financial gap that suffered due to VIVO’s untimely exit. 

Many of the bigger Indian companies were looking to bid for the esteemed IPL 2020 rights that will last only for 4 months.

Famous companies like Amazon, Dream11 (A fantasy sports APP), Tata Motors, BYJU, and E-learning APP Un-academy tried hard to bid the highest in order to win the league’s rights. 

On 18 August 2020, BCCI announced the winner, “Dream11, the online fantasy gaming app, as the winner and the official IPL official title sponsor for a whopping title of INR 222 CR.

In a short time, this news went viral on social media and major news websites. I saw a huge traffic spike on twitter with trending hashtags #dream11 #dream11IPL.

From where I see it in a way, it is a positive sign and great publicity which somehow gives IPL a fresh boost. 

IPL Teams

Dream11 is now the official title sponsor of the Indian Premier League 2020. The deal is closed for a period of 4 months. But this time period can be increased if the IPL is delayed under any circumstances. 

A day after dream11 news there are some controversies arising on social media and news channels related to the ownership of Dream11.

As we know, the main reason for VIVO’s exit from the title sponsor is heated sentiments from the Indian and Chinese public. But, after digging out the history of Drem11 it is known to be a Chinese funded company.

Chinese technology company Tencent is the main stockholder of Dream11 which arises many questions. But for now, it’s settled and the deal is all done.

Indian Premier League 2020 is on the roll and ready to set in the UAE on three different venues. Schedule, Venues, and Team Squads are going through necessary changes and are expected to arrive in the coming week.

Some players belonging to countries like South Africa and New Zealand will not make it to the first 10 matches.

But hopefully, they shall join in the following league matches.

Besides schedule, squads, and venues, IPL 2020 live steaming rights are also in question. Star Sports, Indian based company has been broadcasting every IPL match since its inception in 2008.

But according to JIO TV APP, they have some great packages for their fans. Yes, JIO TV is offering free IPL live steaming on their pre-paid plans as follows:

1) Rs 401 Reliance JIO Plan Rs 2,599 Reliance JIO Annual Plan

2) Disney+ Hot Star Subscription

I sincerely hope that the Indian Premier League will be a great show as usual for every cricket lover.

The total brand value of the Indian Premier League in the year 2019 was USD 6.7 Billion. And in 2015 the brand value was even greater which was about USD 15 Billion.

The cash-rich Indian Premier League still has great potential despite the ragging pandemic situation in India.

However, UAE seems to be the best place to hosting outside events like the IPL because the Government of UAE has declared the country as a Safe Zone and there is no lockdown situation.

Moreover, there are no major COVID-19 cases in the last 3 months. 

So let us hope for the best and enjoy this tournament when it starts in less than a month!

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29 thoughts on “Dream11 Wins the IPL 2020 Title Sponsor Race. Dream11 IPL 2020 is Ready To Rock in UAE”

  1. My husband is super excited and eagerly looking to watch the IPL season. Considering the current times I am sure everyone is waiting to watch their favorite cricketers on screen again.

  2. I wasn’t aware of the real reason behind Vivo’s withdrawal from IPL. My heart sinks when I realise that this year, the players and audience will miss the energetic atmosphere at the stadium. As a cricket lover myself, I know that audience plays a huge role while playing. The cheers give a different high! Fingers crossed for next year.

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Mayura, I know how difficult it is for us who cannot watch matches live this year in stadiums cheering for our favorite players. However, I’m super glad that we will at least get to see the tournament.

  3. I was unaware about the real ownership behind Dream11, it is good to know about it. I believe most of us are plain excited with the fact that IPL is back. It will keep most of is glued to the tv.

  4. So good to read all about IPL and behind the box agendas. It’s sad that due to lockdown it has impacted on matches too, but glad that we can watch the tournament.

    1. Lancelot Quadras

      Hey Pamela, totally ya. But at the end of the day, I’m super happy to see this tournament take place.

  5. All eyes are on the UAE and waiting for IPL 2020 to start. The teams area already there and the excitement is building up. I feel that Dream11 makes for a fitting sponsor to this cricketing extravaganza. Looking forward to a couple of months of action.

  6. I am happy to see that IPL is back and is a sign that we are moving towards the new normal. Thanks for the comprehensive blog to bring people like me up to speed with the IPL news.

        1. Lancelot Quadras

          Hey Avantika, this is going to be a trial and error tournament but will help the later tournaments work smoothly.

  7. I am not an IPL fan as such but I do watch it when my friends watch, which is most of the times. I will send this article to my friends for sure as they would love to know this info.

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