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Ebook writing review 2020

Thoughts of a Newbie Author

Before I could mention my journey of writing my first eBook writing experience, I’d like you to read a blurb from another budding author who himself has written one heck of a story! You ought to read it!

eBook 1: I take on the Baton of Blog-chatter eBook Carnival from Sitharaam whose eBook ‘Eighty Hours to Save Karen’ is also part of the mix. About Sitharaam’s eBook: What is it that ails little Karen? Does it have something to do with the supernatural? Join a grandfather’s journey as he sets out to unravel a web of deceit, treachery, and obsession in a bid to save the life of the only human being he can call his own… 

My Ebook writing story:

If I had to list one decision of my life which I’ve followed and reaped benefits from, it would be the New Year’s Resolution on 31st of December 2014. I had decided to “stop regretting any of the missed opportunities”. At the back of my mind I knew that I couldn’t always utilize every opportunity life threw at me, but what I could do was take some action on it. I would either choose to capitalize on the situation or would choose to do nothing. The fact remains; I would choose and not regret my choice.

This resolution has worked wonders for me since 2015.

I feel calmer and have begun noticing changes in the way I speak, perceive and think on every topic. Sure, I did lose many people on the way of life but there are few who stuck by me and appreciated for who I am. One such opportunity knocked on my door in April 2017. I saw Blogchatter giving bloggers an opportunity of a lifetime by being an author of their own e-book. Yes, a dream most of us writers do have. I saw this opportunity and rejected the thought of it. 2 reasons for this; I was lazy and I didn’t have the content I felt fit for my first book. I missed the bus and made a promise to only climb aboard when I have a good story to share with the world.

Then April 2018 arrived quicker than expected (God I tell you time is running like Flash). The bus arrived again and this time I had a theme which would be fruitful and fit for my first book. In all honesty, my theme revealed itself on the 4th post when I realized all I wrote was not just weird and unusual words but these words also mentioned how you could make your life better by handling situations in a sane way. I have done some messed up things in life and wish that people don’t follow me in the pit. What they can do is opt for a better solution by always giving the other person a benefit of doubt.

My 26 posts got over and I felt that rush when on May 19th, I saw my book listed on Blogchatter’s EBook writing carnival.

The joy I felt is something I will never forget. Not even in my dream did I think of being an author. Not once! (Okay, just once when someone commented on a post that I should write a book. After giving it a thought and it scared me out).

I thank Blogchatter with all my heart for giving me this Ebook writing opportunity. Like me, many can call this an opportunity of a lifetime. For once, I feel like I’ve achieved something more in life. I can proudly point out this book and tell everyone… “Hey, I wrote this book”. This eBook carnival also showcased so many new authors whose stories mesmerized me. I am thankful for these people to have taken this step with me. All of those 55 authors have shown their top game in the books and it’s a treasure of stories. Don’t miss them out.

Here’s the link for you to find all my posts from the eBooks free of cost – A to Z Challenge

eBook 2: I pass on the Baton of Blog-chatter eBook Carnival to Meghana whose eBook, ‘Ria’s Diary’ is also part of the mix. About Meghana’s eBook: Ria’s Diary is an episodic tale of a brave girl who fought the most gruesome battles, wavered pain, and heartbreaks that life presented to her with grit, determination and a smile. Inspired by a real story.

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Book Review of Karen 2020

Book Review – “Eighty Hours To Save Karen” by Sitharaam Jayakumar

Name of the book – Eighty Hours To Save Karen

Author – Sitharaam Jayakumar

Genre – Mystery/Thriller

About the book:

A little girl who is unconscious cannot be woken as the doctors are clueless about what ails her. Will she wake up or will she die? This is a question her Grandfather Matt wants to unravel. Is it something to do with supernatural causes?

My review:

There are 2 styles of me reading a story full of suspense; I’ll either read it till I’m done with 100 pages of reading OR I just finish reading the entire book. Here, I finished reading the book in one go.

The pace of the book:

The pace, in the beginning, is slow as the author wants us to understand the characters. Till the climax, the book maintains a normal pace. The ending was quicker than I expected. It could have been stretched for a bit longer.

The writing style:

I liked the basic and simple to read language style of writing. It’s good for any reader when he/she can read it without use of jargons tough to understand for many.

Character development for Karen and the rest:

The character development is decent enough. The antagonist (enemy) and the protagonists (Matt and Vikram) have better character development as the story progresses.

The Plot revolving around Karen:

I felt that the plot was amazing right from the blurb. You kind of start assuming the moment you read that a little girl is unwell. What ails her? That’s something on the back of your mind the entire time you read the book. You put on your detective hat and start finding those hidden easter eggs the author has left somewhere in the book.

My final assessment:

I liked the book and the story. It’s a no-brainer to state that those who like mystery and suspense stories would like it for sure. One point I would definitely want the author to know is for the climax. The climax could have been stretched for a while as the whole plot went at a normal pace and in the end, it just jumped the wagon. Maybe it’s the reader in me hoping the book never ended so early!

You can download the eBook by CLICKING HERE

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