Book Review – The Cockatiel Confessions and Other Collected Works by Lavanya Srinivasan

Name of the book – The Cockatiel Confessions and Other Collected Works

Author – Lavanya Srinivasan

Genre – Collection of Short Stories

About the book:

The author Lavanya has opened the doors to her mind full of humor, sci-fi, fantasy and adventurous stories. This book is a collection of such stories.

My review:

Short stories have one good and one bad aspect. But both these points lead to one point – They are small stories and end soon. Some like it short. I don’t. I like it when a story is long and I can understand about each character. Hence it was new to me to review such a book. The stories range between different styles and hence as a writer I appreciate the effort put in. It takes a lot of time as a writer to switch between different genres and write every day for one whole month.

The pace of the book:

The pace is super fast. Yes, every story can be finished within a 5-10 minute reading for an average reader. Some stories do take more time as genres keep changing and you may not know much about that genre.

The writing style:

The writing style is very good. It takes a lot of effort to portray your message to the crowd through a whole book, Imagine doing it in a few pages. Yes, that’s a lot of effort. Also, I liked the variety and humour. There’s a lot of it in the entirety of the book.

Few Stories that I loved:

The Blue Moon – A story set in the future always enthralls me.

Orient Express – The best story in this book. A MUST READ !

Sunrise and Shadows – Again, a story set in the future gets my attention. The second best story!

Confessions of a Cockatiel – This is very humorous and funny!

The Switch –  A basic concept with a twist. A pleasant twist and will definitely relate with couples living together.

Ganpati Bappa Morya – A surprising twist to a religious tale.


My final assessment:

There are many stories which I loved. There are few like The Darkest Hour of the Night and Hulohot which I didn’t kind of like. This is because the level of the other stories were so high that these two stories didn’t live up to the mark according to me.

Overall, with such a variety, it’s a book which everyone will love to read. You’ll surely find one story that will stick to your heart.

You can download the eBook by CLICKING HERE

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