Book Review – “Eighty Hours To Save Karen” by Sitharaam Jayakumar

Name of the book – Eighty Hours To Save Karen

Author – Sitharaam Jayakumar

Genre – Mystery/Thriller

About the book:

A little girl who is unconscious cannot be woken as the doctors are clueless about what ails her. Will she wake up or will she die? This is a question her Grandfather Matt wants to unravel. Is it something to do with supernatural causes?

My review:

There are 2 styles of me reading a story full of suspense; I’ll either read it till I’m done with 100 pages of reading OR I just finish reading the entire book. Here, I finished reading the book in one go.

The pace of the book:

The pace, in the beginning, is slow as the author wants us to understand the characters. Till the climax, the book maintains a normal pace. The ending was quicker than I expected. It could have been stretched for a bit longer.

The writing style:

I liked the basic and simple to read language style of writing. It’s good for any reader when he/she can read it without use of jargons tough to understand for many.

Character development for Karen and the rest:

The character development is decent enough. The antagonist (enemy) and the protagonists (Matt and Vikram) have better character development as the story progresses.

The Plot revolving around Karen:

I felt that the plot was amazing right from the blurb. You kind of start assuming the moment you read that a little girl is unwell. What ails her? That’s something on the back of your mind the entire time you read the book. You put on your detective hat and start finding those hidden easter eggs the author has left somewhere in the book.

My final assessment:

I liked the book and the story. It’s a no-brainer to state that those who like mystery and suspense stories would like it for sure. One point I would definitely want the author to know is for the climax. The climax could have been stretched for a while as the whole plot went at a normal pace and in the end, it just jumped the wagon. Maybe it’s the reader in me hoping the book never ended so early!

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