wedding dresses

Here are the 5 best ways a couple can decide on wedding dresses

T is for Tuxedos and Trousseau

The wedding attire, aka wedding dresses for girls and suits/tuxedos/sherwanis for guys, is a pretty big deal okay!

But how can you choose the right attire for your special day? Now, this becomes tricky as you cannot just choose as per one factor. There are multiple factors you must check out.

Hence to make it easier, here are 5 amazing ways you can finalize your wedding attire.

1. Research:

Do your research wisely. Decide if you’re looking for a traditional or a trendy design. Yes, you might have stalked Pinterest for thousands of designs. But it’s better to do all the hard work as it’s your important day and you would want to remember it with the nicest memories, right?

2. Shop as per your current size:

Everyone wants the killer body to pull off special wedding dresses but you should shop as per your current size. Even if you lose weight later to get in your desired shape, you can get it altered accordingly. So, order bigger sizes rather than smaller ones.

wedding dresses

3. Fix Budget for wedding dresses:

Fixing a budget for the wedding dresses is mandatory. You must allocate costs not just for the dresses but also for additional costs too. There might be a few ties, cufflinks, jewelry, shoes, etc that will look better on the new attire. Hence you’ll have to buy them too.

4. Shop it a few months early and not too early

Shopping for your wedding outfits a few months before the main event sounds good. But if you plan to do that a year earlier, there are high chances that by the time your wedding arrives, your dress might be out of style.

5. Shopping crew is important:

I finally believe that you need the best crew when it comes to wedding shopping whether it’s for boys or girls. Taking friends who will make the day fun is okay. But taking people who have a good sense of style, understand fabrics, and costing will help you very well. Hence choose your crew wisely.

What are my thoughts on choosing wedding dresses?

There’s a lot of effort that goes into choosing the perfect wedding dresses for men and girls. Hence it’s best if you can smartly allocate adequate time and money.

What do you think is the best way to decide on the wedding attire for the couple?

P.S – The blog banner used is from my sister Clementia and Santosh’s wedding. It’s still quite a memorable wedding for me!

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Top 4 wedding ideas to make your wedding day unique!

U is for Uniqueness

Everyone wants their wedding day to be memorable and unique.

You would want your guests to have good memories and talk well about it.

But how is it possible?

If you’re wondering the same, then let’s check out these Top 4 wedding ideas that can transform your wedding into one of the most unique ones ever.

1. A roaming raw bar:

Let’s start with a roaming raw bar. If you have drinks being served at the wedding, have a few of the catering staff become a roaming raw bar. They will hold food items that pair well with the alcohol placed for the evening.

It’s quite an amazing feeling when you’re watching the wedding at your table and a roaming raw bar gives you exactly what you want to pair with your drink.


2. Create a storyboard with your love story:

Now, this might sound a bit clichéd for many, but it’s your wedding day and you can make it unique with a storyboard. Show your guests the story of how you both met, what transpired into a love story that ended up in a wedding.

It’s one way of getting away with that question – How did you guys meet? Also, it’s one way for all your guests to know your story without you even speaking.

3. Add a few games in the mix:

The wedding event can be made fun and unique with a few games for adults and kids as well. You don’t need your guests to dance non-stop or just sit at their tables waiting for the food counters to open. Add a mix of games that will make them enjoy their evenings too.

4. Return Gifts on wedding day:

Giving a unique return gift to your guests can help too. Unique ideas like wine stoppers, coasters, assorted boxes, etc with your names and the wedding date will always remind them of your wedding day.

What are my thoughts on bringing uniqueness on the wedding day?

Every couple in some way wishes to have a unique wedding that everyone remembers. You can spice things up by adding a few of these ideas during your wedding day.

What about you? Do you have a unique idea that can be added during a wedding? Let me know in the comments section below.

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save the date

When is the right time to share “Save the date” for your Wedding?

S is for Save the date

You’ve decided to get married and have started planning.

There are various things you will be planning right from what you’ll wear to whom you’ll invite.

But when do you think is the right time to invite them?

Most couples come out with a “Save the date” post/invitation that’s shared online at least 6 months before the wedding. That’s how everyone gets to know about your wedding.

Now how do they derive the right time to share this “Save the date”? Here are some ways you can end up choosing an apt date to share the news with everyone.

1. Location:

Choosing the location and the date are often intertwined. Once the location is chosen, you can get a date finalized and accordingly start sharing the “Save the date” invitations.

There’s also a possibility that you might prefer a specific date that’s auspicious to either family. After choosing that date and location, you can start inviting guests.

save the date

2. Budget + Planning:

A few couples also prefer planning well in advance. This involves choosing the location, budget, and planning every other aspect. Once the plan is set in motion, you can share the wedding date.

3. Convenience of Guests:

Lastly, it’s also possible that you might expect friends/relatives from far-off locations within the country or abroad. Hence sending an invite earlier in advance will help everyone in planning their travel and making arrangements.

If you’re choosing a destination wedding, then it’s best to send the invitation as early as possible as your guests will have to start planning well in advance.

What are my thoughts on the right time to share “save the date”?

Sharing this special date is an important decision. I believe that once your planning is complete, you can start by sharing the final date!

I end this post by asking you all, what’s the right time to share the date with everyone?

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wedding rings

How can you choose the perfect Wedding Ring for your partner?

R is for Rings

There’s a joke I keep hearing that during the main event, the groom gives the bride a wedding ring and he gets the last ring he will ever need i.e. The “Suffer-Ring”!!

Now I don’t know yet if that’s a joke or not, but I do know that the ring ceremony is a big deal. Whether it’s in catholic or non-catholic marriages, the ring ceremony is important.

This also means you need to get the best rings too then right?

Keeping that in mind, let’s decode the best ways one can find the perfect wedding ring for one partner.

1. Cost:

Now, believe it or not, I’ve kept this as the first factor. Simply, because ring cost plays an important role in your wedding budget. While rings can cost anywhere from 5-10k onward, some rings go in upwards of 1-2 lakhs as well.

You must discuss with your partner and come up with a wedding budget dedicated to the rings. Also, the budget can be decided basis on if separate rings will be given on the engagement and wedding day.

wedding rings

2. Design:

Designs in rings have come a long way in this decade. There are quite a few designs that make you go “Wow” and when you see the cost, you go “Ohhh”. There are couple-bands rings, theme-based rings, and much more.

If you two have a specific design in mind for each other, check the feasibility and the costing. If not, you can always go for the various designs for couple-rings that most jewelers keep.

3. Peer Pressure:

This one is only for those selected few who either out of family or their partner’s pressure ends up getting the costliest ring they may or may not afford. Peer pressure is real. I sincerely hope this is not the case for anyone.

What are my thoughts on the wedding ring?

There are various ways a couple can look at wedding rings. One of them is as an investment. If you have the means and can spend a little more, then go for it. If not, then reconsider using that money for your future!

What do you think? Is spending a lot on the wedding ring fine or should one spend less?

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marriage planning

Here’s how a bit of Quiet Time can help you during Marriage Planning

Q is for Quiet Time

Planning in Indian Marriages can be stressful.

Of all the things the couple has to plan and execute, getting a bit of peace and quiet time can often be impossible. This can lead to that unusual burst of frustration and irritation.

Hence here are some ways you can manage to get that quiet time and help reduce stress.

1. Plan marriage in advance:

This is probably the number one advice every couple gets but it does make sense. Planning well in advance allows you to complete tasks as per your timeline. Here’s one way you can reduce stress.

2. “We time” and “Me time”:

In any marriage, it’s not always supposed to be “we time”. You do need your “me-time” as well. This allows you to do things that you like and you end up feeling better. Post that, “we-time” feels better too.

marriage planning

The same applies during marriage planning.

You can give each other a lot of time but it’s best to keep that “me-time” as well. This helps keep frustrations and irritation away.

3. Take all the help you can get:

Now I don’t mean to take help from every person that comes ahead. But it’s best to offload a few tasks on friends/family. You need to remember that you just have 2 hands and hence you can’t do 5 tasks at once.

Hence do what you can and offload a few tasks so your planning timeline stays intact and you get more quiet time eventually.

4. Choose your quiet time:

This might sound a bit difficult but choosing your quiet time is important. You can watch a movie, go to the beach, chill, and do everything except talk about marriage.

What are my thoughts on Quiet time in Marriage planning?

It can get maddening as the days get close to the marriage date. Everyone will come to you with pending tasks and doubts. Doing everything and giving time to your partner might get difficult.

You might even argue often than before as temperatures flare and irritation arrives. Hence it’s important to find that quiet time where you both can just be yourselves and have a great time.

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