Top 4 wedding ideas to make your wedding day unique!

U is for Uniqueness

Everyone wants their wedding day to be memorable and unique.

You would want your guests to have good memories and talk well about it.

But how is it possible?

If you’re wondering the same, then let’s check out these Top 4 wedding ideas that can transform your wedding into one of the most unique ones ever.

1. A roaming raw bar:

Let’s start with a roaming raw bar. If you have drinks being served at the wedding, have a few of the catering staff become a roaming raw bar. They will hold food items that pair well with the alcohol placed for the evening.

It’s quite an amazing feeling when you’re watching the wedding at your table and a roaming raw bar gives you exactly what you want to pair with your drink.


2. Create a storyboard with your love story:

Now, this might sound a bit clichéd for many, but it’s your wedding day and you can make it unique with a storyboard. Show your guests the story of how you both met, what transpired into a love story that ended up in a wedding.

It’s one way of getting away with that question – How did you guys meet? Also, it’s one way for all your guests to know your story without you even speaking.

3. Add a few games in the mix:

The wedding event can be made fun and unique with a few games for adults and kids as well. You don’t need your guests to dance non-stop or just sit at their tables waiting for the food counters to open. Add a mix of games that will make them enjoy their evenings too.

4. Return Gifts on wedding day:

Giving a unique return gift to your guests can help too. Unique ideas like wine stoppers, coasters, assorted boxes, etc with your names and the wedding date will always remind them of your wedding day.

What are my thoughts on bringing uniqueness on the wedding day?

Every couple in some way wishes to have a unique wedding that everyone remembers. You can spice things up by adding a few of these ideas during your wedding day.

What about you? Do you have a unique idea that can be added during a wedding? Let me know in the comments section below.

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