Here are the 5 best ways a couple can decide on wedding dresses

T is for Tuxedos and Trousseau

The wedding attire, aka wedding dresses for girls and suits/tuxedos/sherwanis for guys, is a pretty big deal okay!

But how can you choose the right attire for your special day? Now, this becomes tricky as you cannot just choose as per one factor. There are multiple factors you must check out.

Hence to make it easier, here are 5 amazing ways you can finalize your wedding attire.

1. Research:

Do your research wisely. Decide if you’re looking for a traditional or a trendy design. Yes, you might have stalked Pinterest for thousands of designs. But it’s better to do all the hard work as it’s your important day and you would want to remember it with the nicest memories, right?

2. Shop as per your current size:

Everyone wants the killer body to pull off special wedding dresses but you should shop as per your current size. Even if you lose weight later to get in your desired shape, you can get it altered accordingly. So, order bigger sizes rather than smaller ones.

wedding dresses

3. Fix Budget for wedding dresses:

Fixing a budget for the wedding dresses is mandatory. You must allocate costs not just for the dresses but also for additional costs too. There might be a few ties, cufflinks, jewelry, shoes, etc that will look better on the new attire. Hence you’ll have to buy them too.

4. Shop it a few months early and not too early

Shopping for your wedding outfits a few months before the main event sounds good. But if you plan to do that a year earlier, there are high chances that by the time your wedding arrives, your dress might be out of style.

5. Shopping crew is important:

I finally believe that you need the best crew when it comes to wedding shopping whether it’s for boys or girls. Taking friends who will make the day fun is okay. But taking people who have a good sense of style, understand fabrics, and costing will help you very well. Hence choose your crew wisely.

What are my thoughts on choosing wedding dresses?

There’s a lot of effort that goes into choosing the perfect wedding dresses for men and girls. Hence it’s best if you can smartly allocate adequate time and money.

What do you think is the best way to decide on the wedding attire for the couple?

P.S – The blog banner used is from my sister Clementia and Santosh’s wedding. It’s still quite a memorable wedding for me!

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