When is the right time to share “Save the date” for your Wedding?

S is for Save the date

You’ve decided to get married and have started planning.

There are various things you will be planning right from what you’ll wear to whom you’ll invite.

But when do you think is the right time to invite them?

Most couples come out with a “Save the date” post/invitation that’s shared online at least 6 months before the wedding. That’s how everyone gets to know about your wedding.

Now how do they derive the right time to share this “Save the date”? Here are some ways you can end up choosing an apt date to share the news with everyone.

1. Location:

Choosing the location and the date are often intertwined. Once the location is chosen, you can get a date finalized and accordingly start sharing the “Save the date” invitations.

There’s also a possibility that you might prefer a specific date that’s auspicious to either family. After choosing that date and location, you can start inviting guests.

save the date

2. Budget + Planning:

A few couples also prefer planning well in advance. This involves choosing the location, budget, and planning every other aspect. Once the plan is set in motion, you can share the wedding date.

3. Convenience of Guests:

Lastly, it’s also possible that you might expect friends/relatives from far-off locations within the country or abroad. Hence sending an invite earlier in advance will help everyone in planning their travel and making arrangements.

If you’re choosing a destination wedding, then it’s best to send the invitation as early as possible as your guests will have to start planning well in advance.

What are my thoughts on the right time to share “save the date”?

Sharing this special date is an important decision. I believe that once your planning is complete, you can start by sharing the final date!

I end this post by asking you all, what’s the right time to share the date with everyone?

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