N is for Namby Pamby – A to Z Challenge 2018

N is for Namby Pamby which means lacking courage.

Speaking your mind is the in thing nowadays. Not that it is wrong but comparing to couple of decades ago, we do speak our mind more often. The main question being, do we speak when we are supposed to? There are many things that we go through in one day. Thoughts which we store inside our head because it is more safer there. So we keep doing this every day and few thoughts remain with us. This piles up for weeks, months and years on end. It’s possible that your mind will be full and wants to be emptied. You can do it yourself by planning your words or wait for yourself to start snapping on everyone you meet!

Hence it’s best to either share your opinion or else to not have one. Keeping those thoughts and opinions in your head will only hurt you in the wrong one. Yes, it’s not possible to not react to everything that happens. But let the reaction be for the moment. Do not keep it as a memory. I’ve heard courage can make you move mountains. It sounds silly but ask the woman who left her abusive husband, the child who decided to not lie to his parents about being kicked out of college, a man who chose not to end his life as he lost the children’s school fees in one night of gambling. Ask them how much is courage worth to them.

I am not a courageous person. But I do have my own opinions. I speak less but I speak fine. I do try to be a better person everyday. To end this post on a lighter note, the most courageous being I have ever seen is “Courage the Cowardly Dog”. He is a legend. What I learnt from him was that it didn’t matter if the odds are completely out of your favor OR that you are walking into your own death, you don’t need to be namby pamby but all you need is a bit of courage and hope. That will get you through!

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

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