K is for KingFish – A to Z Challenge 2020

I miss Surmai! (KingFish). When my tummy would crave for seafood, Kingfish came like the light and got rid of my darkness (hunger).

The Coronavirus lockdown has been an introspective phase! I have understood the importance of multiple food items that I cannot eat now. Seafood is one of those food items.

Because of no supply in our neighborhood, all I can do is check my past food reviews on Zomato and also look at old seafood pictures on Instagram!

Kingfish was one of my favorites. It was not just because it tasted well. The main reason being most of the health benefits associated with it.

Is KingFish good for health?

Yes! There are multiple health benefits to having Kingfish. It is rich in protein and low in calorie count. It is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. This improves our health & brainpower.

Best Kingfish (Seafood) in Mumbai:

Here are some of the best places that I’ve visited for Surmai whether fried or gravy!

  • Goa Portuguesa, Mahim
  • Matsya, Goregaon West
  • Tunga, Andheri East
  • Ferry Wharf, Bandra & Malad
  • Satkar Rice Plate, Goregaon East
  • Tanatan, Worli
  • Mahesh Lunch Home, All over Mumbai
  • Gajalee, All over Mumbai

So tell me, how bad has the COVID-19 lockdown affected your eating habits? What food do you miss the most? In this darkness, what food resembles the light for you?

Comment below and share your thoughts with me!

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2 thoughts on “K is for KingFish – A to Z Challenge 2020”

  1. I see fish and I click to read 🙂
    Yes, we too were facing this problem due to closure of all supermarkets. Licious came to rescue with home delivery of good quality of fish, though overpriced.

    1. Wow Sinjana, at least Liscious came to your rescue. Here, we are only stuck with seeing pictures from old times. Hehe!

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