L is for Lackaday – A to Z Challenge 2017

L is for Lackaday which means an expression of regret.

I thought to choose this word as it fit perfectly for the event of Good Friday.

We talk, we argue, we fight and then we regret.

We do a lot of questionable things due to reasons best known to us.

Since fighting and judging comes easy to us, we do those things whenever we can.

Post that comes that tingly feeling of regret which does not leave you until it has fulfilled its purpose of making you go mad.

Regretting about lost moments, opportunities is worse than it sounds.

Don’t be the person who after turning old, sits on the porch and thinks, I should have done those things!

Rather be the person who takes those chances, lives by them and is happy.

Yes, probably you will falter or lose but that’s what will keep you going up on the ladder of success!

That’s all for today!

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7 thoughts on “L is for Lackaday – A to Z Challenge 2017”

    1. Hey Donna, well that’s a great way of dealing with such situations.. AWESOME… Stay tuned for more such weird words.

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