K is for Kamerad -A to Z Challenge 2017

K is for Kamerad which means to surrender.

Firstly, I chose this word as we are now in the Holy Week nearing Easter.

What does it mean to surrender?

While it sounds rather too serious, kamerad has different meanings.

Jesus surrendered himself on the cross to wipe away our sins.

So I do not say that we do the same. It’s not possible.

Yet we can do something about it. We surrender to ourselves.

We accept the fact that we aren’t perfect because we sin, we irritate, we torture ourselves/others etc.

Probably there are more than a 1000 reasons we can never be the best.

But when we surrender to our own self, we find our purpose.

We accept our flaws, we try to get better and that’s how we grow as individuals!

Most of all, on the eve of Maundy Thursday all I ask is that you analyze what you are and what you can be.

In conclusion, surrender yourself on your own will rather than being forced to.

It’s your life in the end. Let’s make it better while it lasts, shall we?

That’s all for today!

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    1. Hi Roshan, yes… I’d made up my mind that I would write something related to the Holy week of easter from Maundy Thursday to Holy Saturday of easter. Cheers!

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