K is for Kalon – A to Z Challenge 2018

K is for Kalon which means beauty that is more than skin deep. We all do define beauty with fairness most of the times. It can be conscious and unconscious. But that is not what I want to shed light on. I’d like to mention more about the beauty apart from our looks.

When do you call someone beautiful?

There are many reasons you can say that a person is Kalon. One of them can be how they perceive others thoughts; the way they treat people of all classes; the way they think and speak and finally the way their presence affects everyone around them to be positive or smile.

It is very rare to get such people around you. Like common sense, they are not common to be found anywhere. You will have to take a lot of effort to not only search these people but also to be around with them. I know few of such people who can raise the tempo on the dance floor just by walking in. I know some whose entry makes everyone forget about a fight. There’s also few I know who don’t judge absolutely and always greet every person with a smile. That’s infectious and stays with you.

When you see people tell you to fall for a beautiful soul and not a beautiful face, it’s because the face will age and won’t be the same forever. The soul however can be injured but will always be the same. If you have more than 3-5 people as such who are beautiful from the inside, thank your luck. It’s rare to find people who genuinely care for you as everyone’s hearts are more fragile than ever. Just a small push and the anger arises. Be with people who want you to succeed and see your happiness. Isn’t that what makes life better?

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

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