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Choose the Best Health Insurance – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It

Have you learned something new during this lock-down? 

I certainly have. I learned that health is important and taking it lightly was a big mistake. As we learn from our mistakes, I will ensure to safeguard my health as soon as possible. 

Yes, I am talking about Health Insurance.  

Are you thinking of your health too? 

Don’t be shy. Most of us took this lightly but now we realize how important it is to safeguard our health. Now is the time to #RestartRight. 

In 2020, we will witness the changing face of health insurance. I say this because pre-2020, most individuals will opt for health insurance only to claim tax benefits.

Only a smaller percentage of people will apply for insurance to safeguard well being. But now, with the after-effects of a global pandemic, health insurance will be our main focus. 

With this, I have a question for you all…do you know what to look for while picking the best health insurance?

If the answer is NO, then you’re in luck as I have found the best way to choose health insurance. The process is so simple that even your kids can follow.  

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What to look for while picking your best health insurance in India? 

ICICI Lombard best health insurance
Picture credit – https://www.icicilombard.com/health-insurance

If you’re living in India and wish to get health insurance in India, here are some basic factors you must check: 

1. Find out if the insurance provides cashless medical treatments in most hospitals throughout the country. This will help you in case you are traveling and need medical attention.

2. Does the insurance provider cover critical illness, accidental death, and permanent total disability? This cover is necessary as medical bills for these cases are huge and unaffordable.

3. With hospitals getting full, it is good to find an insurance provider that provides home healthcare benefits.

ICICI Lombard is one such insurance provider that gives this special benefit.

Best Health Insurance
Picture credit – https://www.icicilombard.com/health-insurance

4. Will you get tax deduction benefits? After all, this can help you save money. 

5. Is there a free health check-up every year? Yes, almost every insurance provider has this facility.     

6. Choosing a high sum insured amount will help you tackle huge hospital bills. A top-up cover option can allow you to enhance your existing insurance. 

7. No claim bonus is a feature provided to you when you don’t file any medical claims during the year. For each year there is no claim, a certain amount will increase on your sum assured amount. It’s best to opt for an insurance provider that gives this facility. 

Tax Benefits on Insurance in India
Picture credit – https://www.icicilombard.com/health-insurance

8. Opt for the health insurance provider who provides a higher % of your sum assured on hospital room rent. This will help you save money in case you are admitted for a longer duration.

9. Always look at the claim settlement ratio. A higher ratio means that claims get settled quickly. So, in case you submit a claim, you can expect quick results. 

After doing my research, I realized that ICICI Lombard has everything you need in health insurance. Moreover, the launch of their ILTake-Care app makes the entire process easier and smooth.

IL Take care app

With new additions planned in their insurance schemes, you can ensure that you protect your family’s well being.   

I plan to #RestartRight by focusing on my health. How do you plan to #RestartRight? 

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    1. Hey Harsh, that’s the ultimate truth. Health indeed is very important in today’s time.

          1. Hi Upasana, when I checked their form online, you can opt to select for a policy that’s only for kids!

  1. Wow that was such an in-depth and well-explained post on such an important topic. It is absolutely necessary to pick the right insurance if we are to #RestartRight.

    1. Hey Noor, I’m glad you found this blog useful. Health is important if we wish to #RestartRight

  2. Thanks for this post. I have always been dependent on my husband when it comes to savings and investments. But reading the post on health insurance plans by ICICI Lombard, I can now share this vital info with him so we can make the right choice.

    1. Hey Ayesha, I’m super glad you liked this post. I’m hoping this helps you guys choose the best health insurance!

    1. Hey Atul, totally. Just going blindly for insurance won’t solve your problem. But knowing each term makes life easy.

  3. All the points you haveentioned are apt according to the situation. These are the points which one should keep in mind while buying health insurance. Graphic pointers are explaining really well that why one should buy the health insurance from icici lombard.

    1. Hey Paresh, totally man. Health is and should be our main priority. I tried adding graphics as visuals attract the audience more!

  4. Covid showed us the importance of health. Too many options in the market is causing a lot of confusion. Your article contains all the needed information, it is a good informative blog.

  5. Good article. Helps a lot in the current pandemic situation where we need to invest in such policies

  6. Wow! This is such a fab blog post! It comes at the right time! I have been so confused and worried about life after lockdown opens. Impending medical bills have been my biggest worry. Your post lends perspective. Thanks to you, I can confidently #RestartRight.

    1. Hey, I’m super happy that you found value in this post. I’m glad that you can now choose a health insurance and #RestartRight .

  7. Yes health insurance is very important and choosing the right one is equally important. I had one when I was in India and it helped me a lot during the difficult times.

  8. In this global pandemic people are becoming aware of the importance of health insurance. This article is very helpful for those who feel difficult to choose best health insurance.

    1. Hey there, yes it is important to have health insurance in place. I’m glad you liked this post.

  9. Health insurance is indeed a very useful thing. I’m using Aditya Birla and yet not used it but for safety its utmost important.

    1. Hey Pamela, that’s glad to know you have health insurance in place. ICICI Lombard also has top-level benefits. Do check them out!

  10. So important that we ask ourselves these questions before going for a health insurance. We have to make the right choice depending on our requirements.

    1. Hey Varsh, it’s indeed important to understand more about health insurance so we can choose accordingly.

  11. This was really easy to understand! I swear, initially when I started reading on this topic on the internet, I thought I would need another degree to understand any of it. Thank you for making this so simple, I have shared it with my friends and family too. 🙂 A right way to #RestartRight.

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