A Source Of Anxiety

What causes Anxiety?

Is there noise or even silence that’s always on your mind; that just doesn’t go away; that sound which you just want it to stop!

For me, it’s the sound of I talking to myself.

Yes, I sometimes find comfort talking to myself. But it’s usually for things that have passed. Like, if a moment has ended, I would think of ways in which I could have altered it.

Maybe I could have not said something harsh to someone. It’s possible that I should have just shut my mouth at that moment. Or, I should have given that person more time. All that remains is a simple Maybe…

Anxiety in 2020 and Depression

So I keep doing that to myself and I just want that to stop. I’m tired of the voices in my head telling me that I should have been better, that I could have avoided a few arguments etc.

I just want to be what I am, own the things I’ve done, and be responsible for my actions. I don’t want that voice of me thinking of how things could be better, how I could do this, and that in another fashion!

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The funny part is after I’m done writing this post and sharing it, I shall be thinking.. “I should have written this too!”

Anxiety in 2020 is still under-rated. So is Depression. But slowly people are coming ahead and aren’t afraid anymore to speak up.

Not just regular human beings but also celebrities and people we thought were too smart are opening up with their share of mental health problems.

This post is written via “WordPress 365 days prompts of 2013” Whilst browsing my PC I found this old pdf file and thought to write about it anyway!

December 7 – Write about a noise — or even a silence — that won’t go away. (You can interpret this in different ways…)

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