G is for Gobbledegook – A to Z Challenge 2018

G is for Gobbledegook which means a complicated language that is difficult to understand.

We can always talk in the most normal way when we are calm and thinking rationally. Everything is right on track and we know it. But what happens when there is pain or discomfort? Does speaking in a rational manner seem to be possible? While it might sound wrong but it is not possible to speak in a rational way when in pain. It almost is impossible to understand what the person wants to convey when they’re hurting.

There are emotions and memories along with possible future scenarios that are constantly running on their mind all day. Discussing even the minuscule errands with them can be disastrous. Yes, it’s true. When there are problems and sadness, it seems no one can understand what you’re trying to convey. It all looks too complicated for another person to understand.

If you see any one from your circle go through something as such, look for the signs. I’m saying signs because no one walks with a sign board stating they’re going through some problem. They’ll always have a smile when something good has happened but when sad, they’ll wear a smile like no other; that fake smile cannot be detected. Hence look for the signs when you see them speaking in a language that you cannot understand. It might not make sense. That’s your cue. Make sure you don’t leave them alone. No one likes to be alone. No one!

This post is part of the A to Z Challenge 2018.

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