G is for Guard – A2Z Challenge 2019

Letting your guard down!

Mike and Harvey had been colleagues for more than 5 years. They knew each other very well. After knowing each other for so long, Mike let his guard down and mentioned a secret to Harvey trusting him.

In less than 10 days, everyone in office got to know about it and that was disheartening for Mike. It wasn’t about the secret, it was about letting someone in and trusting him. That meant a lot for Mike. Harvey  never understood why it was such a big deal for Mike.
Fast forward, Mike could never let his guard down again. He could no longer trust anyone easily whether in office or his personal life. It would now take much more time for him to let someone in the circle and build trust.
What just happened?
Mike had issues trusting people because it was always broken. After being friends for more than 5 years, he let his guard down and spoke to Harvey things he never told anyone before. What happened next was that his trust was broken. That hurt him.
What could have been?
When people let their guard down, they are being vulnerable in front of you. They are baring their soul. The least you can do is being honored that they find you worthy of being trusted. You must build and protect the trust when others let’s their guard down. It’s something that is earned not given.

This post is written as part of the annual A to Z Challenge where for each day of April (except Sundays) I shall write a post based on the letters part of 26 alphabets. 

I have been participating in this challenge since 2015. To read more of my posts from the “A to Z Challenge” CLICK HERE

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