Sky in Fire Mode

Sky Watch Friday – Sky in Fire Mode

Sky in Fire Mode is perhaps one of the most majestic views that the sky can offer.

It’s something about this bright color that makes us go “Wow”. I often wait for the clock to strike 5.30 pm. This is the time of the day when the sun begins to set and the sky paints a different picture.

I termed this version of the sky as “Sky in Fire Mode”. Too cool Nah? Anyways, here’s a story of how I captured some amazing picture of the sky in the evening.

As I walked towards the bus stop,  a familiar sky pattern caught my attention. So my smartphone obliged in getting a good shot for this week’s theme – Sky in Fire Mode!

Here’s the original scene.

Cloud Photography

It was quite a good sight. So I thought to tweak this picture a bit with effects from the Snapseed app. The effect gave me a scare but it looked good to me so I got it saved.

Here’s the one with the effects.

Sky in Fire Mode

This looked like eruptions could take place at any time and we could die within seconds.

What do you think about these images? Which one did you like more? The one with the effects or the original! Anyways, CLICK HERE to see this week’s sky-watch entries.

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Background of Sky

Sky Watch Friday – Background of Sky

What’s so special about Background of Sky?

I’ll tell you. With a variety of colors during sunrise and sunset, the sky perhaps paints such a picture that I am bound to capture them. I have clicked over 50+ such images.

Whenever I travel, I do check out the Background of the sky so I can capture them. Here’s a picture of the ever so shining sky I had the privilege of capturing on my friend’s iPhone whilst on my visit to Pune city, India.

As you can see above, the picture is quite amazing. That’s what this sight beholds. In major portions of my life, the sadness I feel takes a backseat when I look at the sky. It’s quite a majestic experience.

I’d like to add a few lines from Samuel Taylor Coleridge;

O it is pleasant, with a heart at ease,
Just after sunset, or by moonlight skies,
To make the shifting clubs be what you please.

In Hindi, the Song “Khwabon Ke Parindey” from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is my go-to song when I travel and just stare at the sky. What’s your favorite song?

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Welkin means sky or heaven

Sky Watch Friday – Welkin

Welkin can be defined as the sky or even heaven.

As I write this, lyrics from the song “Yellow” by Coldplay echoes in my head: “Look at the stars… Look how they shine for you!”

Yes, I’m a firm believer that the sky is one heck of a poser. These blue pictures that depict the sky background are nothing short of epic.

I mean to say that the background of the sky is so good for the eyes. It can indefinitely calm me down when I’m stressed. During monsoon, I look at its fierce stature. It’s mesmerizing.

Hence to show you 2 different versions of the Sky, I will share 2 amazing pictures that have been clicked in different states during different seasons and also by 2 different people.

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For this week I have two images on welkin; One clicked by me and another by an acquaintance of mine. Here are 2 beautiful images of the ever so shining sky!

Image 1 of the Sky
Welkin sky image

This is all from this week. I’ll be back next week hunting for another awesome sky picture! For more amazing sky posts from this theme, CLICK HERE

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Cloud Photos

2015 Finale – Cloud Photos Sky Watch Friday

Cloud photos are perhaps the best way I would wish to write my last post of 2015.

There’s no way I would end this year without posting something that’s close to my heart i.e. Cloud photos.

There’s something about the sky that makes me realize how we humans are tiny freckles in a galaxy so huge. Sky pictures are comforting.

No matter how many pictures of the sky I capture, they’re similar and different too. It’s indeed magical. Each week for Sky Watch Friday, I would post 1 or max 2 images of the sky.

For this week, I won’t be posting just one or two but 3 awesome sky pictures clicked throughout the day.

This is done to give you’ll a good feel of how the colors in the sky change into different patterns and how it becomes majestic in my eyes.

Oh and yes, compliments of the season! Hope this new year’s eve gets you every amount of craziness + happiness that you desire along with multiple opportunities to capture cloud photos.

Cloud photos
Clicked around 11 am
Sky pictures
Clicked around 6.15pm

All these 3 pictures have been clicked at different timings to give a different feeling. Happy new year’s EVE folks! For more posts from this theme, CLICK HERE

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Stupendous means

Sky Watch Friday – Stupendous Means Epic!

What do you understand from the word “Stupendous”?

Stupendous meaning a way to define something impressive is quite an exciting word.

Over the years, this word has picked up by many judges on reality shows to define the talent and express what they feel about exceptional people.

Some of the things in this word are stupendously good like our beloved Sky. I mean common, think about it. What can be a better word to define stupendous than the sky?

Stupendous means the sky. There is no other rational explanation. With such variety, colors and a way to express infinity, our sky has done it all.

Stupendous means doing something out of the ordinary. Hence I wish that you guys check out the picture below. This picture has new color shade of the sky that I usually don’t get to witness.

This seems like a battle with the setting sun and the night that wishes to exert its dominance. In the end what’s left is a colorful display of this battle on the battleground of the sky.

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