Sky Watch Friday – Welkin

Welkin can be defined as the sky or even heaven.

As I write this, lyrics from the song “Yellow” by Coldplay echoes in my head: “Look at the stars… Look how they shine for you!”

Yes, I’m a firm believer that the sky is one heck of a poser. These blue pictures that depict the sky background are nothing short of epic.

I mean to say that the background of the sky is so good for the eyes. It can indefinitely calm me down when I’m stressed. During monsoon, I look at its fierce stature. It’s mesmerizing.

Hence to show you 2 different versions of the Sky, I will share 2 amazing pictures that have been clicked in different states during different seasons and also by 2 different people.

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For this week I have two images on welkin; One clicked by me and another by an acquaintance of mine. Here are 2 beautiful images of the ever so shining sky!

Image 1 of the Sky
Welkin sky image

This is all from this week. I’ll be back next week hunting for another awesome sky picture! For more amazing sky posts from this theme, CLICK HERE

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