2015 Finale – Cloud Photos Sky Watch Friday

Cloud photos are perhaps the best way I would wish to write my last post of 2015.

There’s no way I would end this year without posting something that’s close to my heart i.e. Cloud photos.

There’s something about the sky that makes me realize how we humans are tiny freckles in a galaxy so huge. Sky pictures are comforting.

No matter how many pictures of the sky I capture, they’re similar and different too. It’s indeed magical. Each week for Sky Watch Friday, I would post 1 or max 2 images of the sky.

For this week, I won’t be posting just one or two but 3 awesome sky pictures clicked throughout the day.

This is done to give you’ll a good feel of how the colors in the sky change into different patterns and how it becomes majestic in my eyes.

Oh and yes, compliments of the season! Hope this new year’s eve gets you every amount of craziness + happiness that you desire along with multiple opportunities to capture cloud photos.

Cloud photos
Clicked around 11 am
Sky pictures
Clicked around 6.15pm

All these 3 pictures have been clicked at different timings to give a different feeling. Happy new year’s EVE folks! For more posts from this theme, CLICK HERE

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