Sky Watch Friday – Stupendous Means Epic!

What do you understand from the word “Stupendous”?

Stupendous meaning a way to define something impressive is quite an exciting word.

Over the years, this word has picked up by many judges on reality shows to define the talent and express what they feel about exceptional people.

Some of the things in this word are stupendously good like our beloved Sky. I mean common, think about it. What can be a better word to define stupendous than the sky?

Stupendous means the sky. There is no other rational explanation. With such variety, colors and a way to express infinity, our sky has done it all.

Stupendous means doing something out of the ordinary. Hence I wish that you guys check out the picture below. This picture has new color shade of the sky that I usually don’t get to witness.

This seems like a battle with the setting sun and the night that wishes to exert its dominance. In the end what’s left is a colorful display of this battle on the battleground of the sky.

You can check some amazing pictures from this theme here – SKY WATCH FRIDAY

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