Sky Watch Friday – Look, It’s a Live Portrait!

Firstly this week’s sky picture I’ve chosen is very special indeed.

Since one of my school friends just got a new house.

So many years of hard work finally pays off and now he is living his dream.

We are really happy for him.

This picture is clicked from the ground floor of his new building.

Location – Badlapur, Maharashtra!

It felt like almost a portrait come to life.

In conclusion, I’d like to say that there is no editing done for this picture. It looks too good to be true!

Agree with me?

Thanks for visiting.

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Mumbai Rains

Sky Watch Friday – Mumbai Rains

Mumbai Rains = Unpredictable * 1,00,00,000,000!

Weather in Mumbai during monsoon is quite popular for the wrong reasons. Rains in Mumbai can be as unpredictable as the climax of a Christopher Nolan movie.

It will not rain at all in June and when July arrives, it will rain like 2020 is the last year of humans on Earth! Mumbai in Rains is never good as there are potholes, knee-length water in low lying areas, and disturbance in electricity.

But that’s not all. This is also the time when the temperature in Mumbai falls to a chilling mood. There’s Maggi hot cuppa tea, samosa/vada, and bhajjiyas.

And how can I forget my beloved sky? There’s so much drama in the clouds I tell you. One time it’s gloomy, the next its dark and sometimes the sun wants to throw in a special entry.

Mumbai Rains have a mind of their own and no one can beat it. During the rainy season, we get to witness the other side of the sky which is partly or wholly submerged in darkness.

Whatever be the case, the sky still seems to amaze me. So here are 2 pictures I had clicked back in 2016 from the 11th floor of my workplace in Goregaon, post the Mumbai Rains wreaking havoc.

Weather in Mumbai is amazing during Mumbai Rains

Which one did you like? Personally, I liked the latter. The darkness, the different colors just got to me.

Mumbai Rains are magical. They somehow have the ability to clean everything and give the city a fresh look. Whether its darkness or full of light, they have a beautiful look!

Photography is an amazing feeling. You can capture tons of memories. You can look back and remember amazing moments. Hence you must click pictures whenever possible in Mumbai rains!

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Sky Watch of Himachal

Sky Watch Friday – Himachal Diaries 1

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged about anything. But the love for Sky Watch brought me back! It feels good to be back with a post for my favorite theme. For the weeks following, I’ll be posting awesome sky pictures from my trip to Himachal Pradesh, India.

Hope you’ll like it.

This one’s clicked en route to the Naggar Castle in Manali.
Beautiful place, ambiance, people, and yes, Nature is at its best.

The best way to reach this place would be to take the local bus to a certain point and then walk inclined upwards for 10 whole minutes!

Sky Watch Friday is one of the best themes when it comes to photography. Trust me, if you love the sky there is no better place than this theme. Unfortunately, the theme was discontinued. But the collection is open for one and all.

I must share with you that there was a time when I would spare an hour each Friday to watch sky pictures from all over the world. Like #Skyporn

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Here are my past posts for the A to Z Challenge from the year 2015 to 2020. I hope you like the content!

Good Friday Images

Sky Watch – Good Friday Images Special

Good Friday Images of the Sky is a special experience.

Here’s my experience of the Good Friday mass in 2016!

As I walked for the solemn mass at 6 pm, the sight that I witnessed was nothing short of exceptional. The sky was just as magnificent as it could be.

I don’t mean to brag but even the best of my edited images were no match for the sky! Yes, I do capture Good Friday images of the sky plainly because that’s the earliest evening mass we have prior to sunset.

The remaining masses take place post-sunset. So today, I have 2 pictures for you where one is edited on Snapseed and one is purely unedited. I will share both the images with you. Hope y’all like it.

As you can see above on the blog banner, that’s the original picture clicked.

Wow, Mumbai weather indeed is a mystery only. Anyway, below is the image that I made a few edits using Snapseed.

Mumbai weather and Good Friday Images special

It looks like the Sky is not happy with what happened to Jesus ages ago! Do you agree?

Also, as per your opinion, what kind of pictures do you like? Are you the person who appreciates using filters to edit and get the right image? Or are you the person who likes the picture to be unfiltered and just be original?

If anyone asked me, I would be the 50-50 kind. During my travel days, I do like some clicks when I edit them and some pictures are just the best when unfiltered.

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Canvas Painting of the Sky

Canvas Painting – Sky Watch Friday

Canvas Painting is an art loved by many. But do you know which one’s the best portrait ever?

It’s none other than our beloved Sky. Whenever I step out to work or for a run, I will see different shades, shapes and the canvas painting looks like an abstract.

Sky pictures and cloud photography is something that few people love. I am a few people. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I will use my smartphone pointing towards the sky.

On one such day, I left home for the office and started wondering what image will I use for this week’s Sky Watch Friday theme.

While no idea arrived and a whole day of work was completed, it was around 18.30 pm and I looked up to see the Sky. It looked like a canvas painting waiting for the colors to find their places. 

I was struck in awe and had to capture this beauty of an image. So as usual I did what I do best and clicked a picture of the sky.

Canvas Painting of the Sky

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