Netflix Secret Codes and Categories

Here’s How you can Unlock 250+ Netflix Secret categories with 1 simple trick!

14,000+ titles and counting!

That’s just an approximate count for movies and TV series that you can find on Netflix. The count will change from country to country. But can you imagine how much of content they have in store for us? It’s like we can sit and watch Netflix continuously during this lockdown and not repeat anything.

Today, I discovered a Netflix secret that can easily help you find your favorite movies and series. Now we know general movie categories like,





Documentary and a few more.

But there are secret Netflix categories that go way beyond the normal ones. Just imagine it like a secret Netflix menu that you never knew about.

Where is this TRICK?

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Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai

Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai – List of Top 10 Companies!

Digital Marketing is the future!

Now we’ve heard this so many times. But do you know the reason why they say so?

Here are some statistics of India in 2020: (Monthly data)

  • Active Internet Users – 687.6 million
  • Mobile internet users – 629.2 million
  • Social media users (mobile & desktop) – 400 million users.

So there are roughly 62.9 crore people that use the internet on their mobiles. Also, there are 40 crore people use social media on their profiles every month.

Imagine how many prospective customers are waiting for you to pitch your products/services each day? For this, you must be ready with a strategy.

If you create a good marketing strategy, customers will,

  • Visit your website once,
  • Buy your product/service,
  • You will earn a profit.       

In a city like Mumbai, maintaining attention and keeping followers engaged is very important. If you don’t have anything interesting for them, they will move on to the next company.

But you want these people to keep returning to your page right? Here’s where digital marketing enters. With a digital marketing team, you can gain customers who will always keep coming back to you.

Why should I focus on Digital Marketing?

You must focus on Digital Marketing today as it can give you,

  • Brand value
  • Fame & recognition,
  • Profits
  • Customer Retention

If doing this full time is not your cup of tea, don’t worry! It’s not something everyone can do. Thankfully we have a solution for you! “Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai“.

Yes, there are hundreds of digital marketing companies in Mumbai that work full time to improve their client’s social presence.

The best part about a digital marketing company in Mumbai is that it will create a seamless experience for your customers. This means each time a customer visits your social media page or your website, they will be attracted to it.

Now we know there are many companies that state they are No.1 in Mumbai. But how can they be trusted? That’s when I did my research.

I’ve found 10 of the best digital marketing companies in Mumbai who have performed well since 2019.

I will mention their names and provide you with their website. You be the judge and decide if they are worthy of your company!

Please Note – There is no set order or rank wise mentions in the list

1. Fruitbowl:

This is an award-winning full-service media agency. Their headquarters is in Mumbai with more than 10+ offices worldwide in Indore, Bhopal, France, Boston and many more. With more than 200+ clients, they provide services such as,

  • Social Media (strategy, media planning & buying)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding (Public relations, Lead generation)
  • Android/IOS mobile apps and many more

Their latest office opening in Dubai. If you wish to improve your digital footprint and create some kick-ass content, they are just one click away!

Click Here to contact one of the best digital marketing company in Mumbai –

2. BrandLoom:

BrandLoom is considered to be one of the top marketing agencies in Mumbai with offices in 3 countries i.e. India, The USA & Canada. They are known to apply different services such as,

  • Strategic Branding (Positioning & Storytelling)
  • Digital/e-commerce consulting (SEM, Online PR, Mobile app creation)
  • Design (UI/UX, Mobile responsive website, Data Analytics)

With these services, they enable startups & Brands to meet all of their customer’s needs. So if you want to build & grow your brand online, then don’t look any further and contact them.

Click Here to join hands with one of the best digital marketing company in Mumbai –

3. MyDigital Crown:

MyDigital Crown marketing agency

It’s not every day that you find an agency with over 32,500+ happy clients! My Digital Crown is one of the best strategic digital agencies that help brands & services to be successful with “out of the box” tactics. Their services are,

  • Digital Strategy, SEO & PPC Advertising
  • Social Media & Content Marketing
  • Web Development & Web Design

For 15 years, this company has given wings to startups and small companies who now have turned into huge brands! Hence if you are a company that wants to increase profit with digital marketing, contact them as soon as possible.

Click Here to join hands with MyDigital Crown –

4. Sharptech:

Sharptech oldest marketing company in Mumbai

Sharptech is one of the best web design companies in India. Apart from that, they provide digital marketing services to high profile clients and startups as well. Here are some of those services:

  • SEO, SEM, PPC & Social media marketing
  • Web Hosting, Design & Development
  • Brand Identity & Mobile Apps

With these services, they create an impact so hue, it skyrockets your brand into the top names of the industry. So if you wish to revamp your page and digital marketing, you know where to go!

Contact SharpTech to give your website a new look –

5. Social Beat:

Social Beat ROI on digital marketing

Social Beat is a one of a kind digital marketing company. This is because their prime focus is on ROI (Return on investment) driven by digital marketing. Their clients are from various verticals in the industry. Here are some of the services they offer;

  • Digital Media Planning & Buying
  • Social Media & Influencer marketing
  • Branding, Content & Multilingual marketing

With offices in major cities within India, you can expect the best services. They can help you perform marketing in various languages. So if you wish to penetrate as a brand in different cities, do connect with them.

Click here to contact Social Beat –

6. Illustrake:  

Improve your marketing reach with Illustrake

Let’s add a no-nonsense based company that works on delivering the best ROI on digital marketing. Illustrake is one of the most professional companies that provide timely services to improve your brand image. Here are some of its services;

  • PPC,SEO,SEM, & Social media marketing
  • Video Production, Website & UX
  • Branding & Content marketing

Considered to be one of the best in this industry, they also are affordable when it comes to their costing. Hence if you’re looking for a professional company that delivers on time, you know whom to call.

Contact Illustrake to improve your online presence –

7. Brewmyidea:

brewmyidea digital marketing agencies in India

Brewmyidea is one of the best digital marketing agencies in Mumbai. They provide quality content and choose the right platform to promote you. This makes them one of the best agencies in Mumbai to work with. Here are some of its services:

  • Website development & Influencer Marketing
  • SEM,PPC,SEO, & Social media marketing
  • Graphic Designing & Content Management

Even though this company is just 5 years old, they’ve ensured to make a name for themselves with the best quality services. Hence if you wish to grow your digital presence, visit them and brew some ideas!

Crack a pun and talk to the founders here –

8. Brandwitty:

brandwitty digital agencies in Mumbai

Started in 2014, this team of innovative thinkers has earned quite a reputation with their work. Their focus is on the return of investment in digital marketing. Here are some of their services:

  • SEO, SEM & Native advertising
  • Email & Social media marketing
  • Website development

This company thrives on competition and will give your company the best social image ever. Hence if you want your brand to be known by all, contact this company right now.

Bring wittiness to your company with Brandwitty –

9. IKF:

ikf best digital agency in India

With over 19+ years of being in the industry and 900+ happy clients, IKF has been one of the pioneers in the digital world. Their digital solutions have helped brands reach new heights. Here are some of their services;

  • Website design, development &hosting
  • Content and Digital Marketing
  • Video Production & Mobile Apps

The benefit of being with an experienced agency is that they know every trend. You can only succeed with such a company.

Join hands with IKF and become a power brand name in the industry –

10. Digichefs:

digichefs one of the best digital agencies today

Started in 2015, DigiChefs has been continuously helping brands understand their true market value. They claim to have the best digital marketing recipe. Here are some of the services they provide:

  • SEM, PPC, SEO, Mobile, & Social media marketing
  • Web & App development, Analytics & Insights
  • Design & Branding

Whether you’re a startup or a recognized brand, Digichef will help you fulfill all your marketing goals with their set techniques.

You can connect with them here –

We know that with the COVID-19 lockdown situation, people are working from home. You might be struggling with your marketing. Hence with these top 10 digital marketing companies in Mumbai, we hope you find the right fit as per your needs.


What is the best digital marketing company?

The best digital marketing company in Mumbai is one that understands the market and your business needs. They follow a set procedure to boost your brand image and continue to do so.

Which is the best marketing company in India?

We have mentioned 10 amazing digital marketing companies in Mumbai above. They have offices all over India. Hence you can connect with anyone for your brand.

How do I choose a digital marketing agency?

If you’re asking us for a guide, we have a 6-7 step process. Following this, you can find the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai. Here are the steps;

  • Understand your company’s marketing goals.
  • Find a list of agencies in Mumbai that meet your needs.
  • Do your background research on these agencies.
  • You will then send a ‘request for proposal’ (RFP) to shortlisted agencies.
  • To find the right agency, you will send the chosen agencies a task and review.
  • Finally, you will hold a meeting with the agency you feel has lived up to your requirements.

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steps to download & get ZEE5 subscription for free from My Airtel App & Vodafone Play

Step By Step Guide – Free ZEE5 Subscription On Airtel & Vodafone

Coronavirus (COVID-19 put India in lockdown mode. Because of this lockdown, people are getting bored at home each day as nothing is exciting to do!

Zee5 couldn’t bear our sadness and decided to make life easy for all of us. Yes, below you’ll find a step by step guide on how to claim a free ZEE5 subscription. You can find this on Airtel Thanks & Vodafone play where you can watch all your favorite ZEE5 web series and ZEE5 movies online!

NOTE: Airtel &Vodafone users can avail of this on Smart TV.

Steps to download ZEE5 app on your mobile phone via My Airtel App

Step 1: Open the ‘My Airtel’ app on your mobile phone

Download the “MY AIRTEL” app. Install & open the app on your mobile phone.

steps to download & get ZEE5 subscription for free from My Airtel App

Step 2: Click on ‘Discover Airtel Thanks’ tab at top right corner of your phone screen

Open the tab & click on the ‘Discover Airtel Thanks’ button that’s on the top right corner of the screen.

steps to download & get ZEE5 subscription for free from My Airtel App

Step 3: Next, you will click ‘Claim’ under the ZEE5 Premium subscription tab

Then once you click on ‘Discover Airtel Thanks’, you need to click on the ‘Claim’ button that can be found under the ZEE5 premium subscription tab.

steps to download & get ZEE5 subscription for free from My Airtel App

Step 4: Click ‘Activate Now’ to redeem your free ZEE5 subscription

After claiming, you must click on the ‘Activate Now’ button that’s available on the bottom of the screen in blue color.

steps to download & get ZEE5 subscription for free from My Airtel App

Step 5: Register with phone number & set password. Click continue to proceed

Post redeeming the free subscription, you must register with your phone number and set a new password. After filling these details, click ‘continue to proceed’.

steps to download & get ZEE5 subscription for free from My Airtel App

Step 6: Redirected to the app store. Click ‘GET IT’ to download the ZEE5 app

After registering with your mobile number & setting a password, the page will be redirected to the app store. Now, you must click on the ‘GET IT’ tab to download the ZEE app.

The ZEE5 app will be installed on the mobile phone.

STEP 6: Redirected to the app store. Click 'GET IT' to download the ZEE5 app After registering with your mobile number & setting a password, the page will be redirected to the app store. Now, you must click on the 'GET IT' tab to download the ZEE5 app.

Step 7: Click on the ZEE5 app icon

After the ZEE app gets installed on your phone, click on the app and watch content from zee tv online.

steps to download & get ZEE5 subscription for free from My Airtel App

Step 8: Click on ‘login via mobile number’ tab

Post clicking on the app, log in with your phone number.

steps to download & get ZEE5 subscription for free from My Airtel App

Step 9: Login into App with the same credentials used to register in MY AIRTEL APP

You can log in with the same credentials as registered in MY AIRTEL App & enjoy your favorite shows/films.

Below is the guide to get ZEE5 in Vodafone Play

steps to download & get ZEE5 subscription for free from Vodafone Play

Step 1: Download & Open the ‘Vodafone Play App’ on your mobile phone. Complete the installation & open the app on your mobile phone.

steps to download & get ZEE5 subscription for free from Vodafone Play
steps to download & get ZEE5 subscription for free from Vodafone Play

Step 2 & Step 3: Scroll on the app to find ZEE movies, TV shows, and originals. Click on the one you want to watch.

steps to download & get ZEE5 subscription for free from Vodafone Play
You can tap the  download button and the subscription for free from Vodafone Play
After the app is downloaded, open it and enjoy your TV series and movies

Step 4, 5, & 6: In case you don’t have the ZEE5 app downloaded, You can visit the app store. Tap on ‘GET’ to download the app. Once you download the app , tap to open & watch your favorite Zee TV dramas for free!

This is how simple it is to get a free ZEE5 subscription. So say goodbye to boredom and enjoy social distancing at home with high-quality content on ZEE5.

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