Seasonal flu and healthy lifestyle

Find out which age group is the most affected by seasonal flu and steps to fight back these infections for a healthy lifestyle


And here we go again!

Once or twice a year, the flu finds me. More often, it will be a week before a trip, wedding, or any event I look forward to. Talk about bad timing, right?

As I write this, it has been a few days since I caught the seasonal flu. Yes, most of us fall ill when the season changes. Whether it is at the start of the monsoon or a shift into any other season, it is most likely, that I will fall ill.

Getting the seasonal flu affects the person’s ability to follow a healthy lifestlye for a while.

What is seasonal flu?

Also known as Influenza, seasonal flu is an acute viral infection. It majorly affects the nose and throat. A small child or a senior citizen, Influenza affects everyone. This virus can spread with ease.

If a person with seasonal flu coughs and you are around that person, the virus can be transmitted to you via air. If you touch a surface (doorknob, table, etc.) used by the infected person and then touch your nose or mouth, you are most likely to get affected.

Age groups affected by the seasonal flu:

One thing I can assure you is seasonal influenza can happen to anyone. As per data1,  

0 to 17 – This age group is affected the most.

Seasonal flu affects the healthy lifestyle for all ages.

18 to 64 – The workforce group is nearly similar to the children and comes second.

65+ – Senior citizens also get affected but, it’s lesser than the above two age groups.

So, is it possible to fight back the seasonal flu and live a healthy lifestyle?

Yes. It is possible to beat the seasonal flu and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Influenza Live Session on Facebook:

I recently attended a live session on Influenza on Facebook. There were quite a few eye-opening moments for me. I never knew that there are multiple types of Influenza, including seasonal flu. While most of us do not take the seasonal flu seriously, half a million deaths are associated with it. The best way to reduce this risk is by getting the annual influenza vaccine.

Steps to fight back infections like the seasonal flu:

As I mentioned above, we can beat the seasonal flu2. Here are a few ways we can do that.

1. Let us focus on getting our annual influenza vaccine. This helps your body boost its defense.

2. When someone around you is coughing and sneezing, it is best to keep your distance, wear a mask, and ensure you are not touching the same surfaces before sanitizing them. (Yes, I agree this might not be possible 24*7, but doing it as much as possible can save you and your family.)

3. With the pandemic, we now know how important it is to stay fit. So, let us eat right, sleep well, and exercise to be as fit as possible. With a strong immune system, it will be difficult for all these infections to attack you.

4. If you have the seasonal flu, stay at home and wash your hands as much as possible. Consume the best nutrients (fruits + vegetables).

Overall, the seasonal flu is here to stay. But that does not mean we do nothing. Eat right, sleep right, exercise well, and focus on your surroundings. These basic steps can help you stay fit and follow a healthy lifestyle. Get your vaccine and beat the seasonal flu, like a BOSS! #FightAgainstFlu


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Make indoor air safer during COVID pandemic

Can an air ionizer protect you from the Corona virus? Let’s find out!

How can I save my family during the COVID pandemic?

Perhaps this is one of the most searched questions since March 2020. This pandemic spread worldwide with 330 million cases and 5.5 million deaths.

Wearing a mask, sanitizing hands regularly, and maintaining social distance have become as normal as breathing and blinking eyes for all of us.

At the beginning of the third wave, everyone wants to take precautions to keep COVID-19 outside their house.

One smart way to do that is to make indoor air safer during COVID pandemic.

You can try the hepa air filter, air purifier for home, or an air ionizer for home and office. While filters and purifiers are something we have an idea about, it’s time to move to the next level with an ionizer.

What is an air ionizer?

An air ionizer is a device that uses high voltage to charge the air molecules in your house or office. It helps to extract allergens, pollutants, and other viruses for clean and breathable air at home.

In short, an air ionizer can make indoor air safer during COVID pandemic.

How does an air ionizer work?

When you place the device in your home, it gives the air particles an electrical charge. These charged particles attract dust, allergens, and other pollutants. This way, the air ionizer attracts pollutants so you can breathe fresh air.

Air ionizer benefits:

To make indoor air safer during COVID pandemic, it’s best to keep your surroundings clean. So should you use an ionizer air purifier? Yes, because this device is effective and doesn’t eat up extra space. Another plus point is that it keeps allergens, aerosols, viruses, and other pollutants away from you and your family.

How to get rid of viruses indoors?

The best way to get rid of viruses indoors is by sanitizing regularly and ensuring you take care of the ill. Take it one notch higher by getting the best air ionizer and air purifiers that kill viruses. Now there are multiple players in the industry. But one that has been ultra- effective is Burge.

Burge ion Dome room air purifier:

Burge Electronics launched during the COVID-19 pandemic. They believe it is the right of every human being to breathe clean air. With that, the ion Dome came into existence. This ICMR lab-certified device can remove up to 99.97%* pollutants and viruses from the air in 6 minutes.

Make indoor air safer during COVID pandemic

Can the Burge ion Dome air ionizer protect you from the coronavirus?

Whether you use the ion Dome for your house or office, it instantly maintains the air quality in your location. As it can eradicate up to 99.97%* of aerosols, pollutants, allergens, and viruses, it is safe to say, this device can take out a chunk of harmful viruses. This way, you can breathe in a healthy environment.

Make indoor air safer during COVID pandemic

So, take the most crucial decision in 2022, and make indoor air safer during COVID pandemic by getting the best air ionizer (Burge ion Dome) for your family. #BreathePureStayHealthy

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benefits of vitamin c

4 hidden benefits of Vitamin C you should know

I have been back at work for a few months now. In the beginning, it was amazing because I got to meet a few of my colleagues and I got to leave the house. But slowly, I realized that all the good habits I had developed while working from home: exercising, eating home-cooked meals, sleeping on time, less screen time, etc. were all going for a toss.

So, I researched different ways how I could continue to stay healthy. I am happy to report that I found simple ways to reach my goal.

It took me a while to craft a routine for myself that I could sustain now that I was back at work. Instead of exercising every day, I shifted it to twice a week. I added more home-cooked meals to my daily diet. Reducing screen time has been the hardest, but I’m working on it.

While doing my research, I realized that one of the key ways to ensure your well-being is through building immunity. Strong immunity will keep diseases at bay and help you in leading a good life. You can get there in many ways, and one of them is Vitamin C.

4 Hidden Benefits of Vitamin C:

May help you beat cold faster:[1]

Vitamin C may help to reduce the duration of cold symptoms.[2] Isn’t that great!

The best “cell service” for your body:[3]

What that means is, Vitamin C does immense service to your body’s cells. How?

Pollution and smoking create harmful free radicles and Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps to neutralize the free radicles. [4]

Vitamin C is good for skin: [5]

How Vitamin C helps the body and your skin? Your body needs Vitamin C to make bones, cartilage, tendons, blood vessels, etc. Not just new skin, this vitamin helps in repairing skin when you get cuts and also helps you avoid wrinkles.

Helps in building immunity

We know vitamin C helps other nutrients in your body work better like consuming Vitamin C-rich food with your meals boosts iron absorption[6] Ideal intake of Vitamin C can help you build immunity.[7]

Right from being involved in repairing tissues to playing a key role in keeping your immune system recharged, there’s a lot that Vitamin C can do for your body.[8]

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While I believe in adding Vitamin C to my body through natural sources, I also understand that with so many tasks demanding my attention, it may not be as much as my body needs. I read about supplementing Vitamin C through other sources and asked my physician whether I needed them; she assessed my diet and routine and then suggested Limcee Vitamin C Chewable Tablets 500mg. I realized that not only will I be able to #BoostImmunityWithLimcee but also sustain it.

What this entire exercise has taught me is that when I take charge of my body and health, I can lead a good life. It is not enough to take half-hearted measures with one’s health. Thankfully, I took corrective measures to ensure I remain healthy.

I end this post by sharing my health mantra: Healthy body = Healthy life! What is your health mantra?

Disclaimer: The views expressed in these blog contents are independent views solely of the blogger based on their personal experience, research, and due diligence on the product referred. The content is sponsored by Abbott Healthcare Private Limited (Abbott) for product information purposes, intended for Indian residents only. It does not replace the advice of a physician, nor is a recommendation or endorsement by Abbott. You should seek the advice of a qualified physician for understanding the suitability of the referred product before consumption, for diagnosis, and before starting any medication, exercise, or diet. Please discuss your existing medical conditions and medical history with your physician.

The content does not reflect the views of Abbott or its affiliates. Although greatest possible care has been taken in compiling, checking, and developing the content to ensure that it is accurate and complete, Abbott is not responsible or in any way liable for any injury or damage to any persons in view of reliance placed on or action taken basis of the information herein, or any errors, omissions or inaccuracies and/or incompleteness of the information.









MSME in India

MSME in India is struggling. Here’s how going digital can help them succeed!

Imagine this:

You start a small business. It took you a while to generate the idea, arrange for the funds, look for a suitable location, and find labor. After getting a small business loan, all your dreams came true.

The first few months, you made decent money. Life will be better for my family! And that’s when the pandemic arrived, and the government issued a lockdown. The business takes a hit, sales go down, cannot pay the shop rent and the loan EMI anymore. It comes down to two options – Arrange for funds or shut down your dream business.

This story is about millions of small business owners in India. To be exact, 6.3 crore businesses.

This is a story about Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSME in India).

Micro small medium enterprises meaning:

As per the Government of India, MSME includes micro, small, and medium enterprises where the investment in machinery or equipment does not cross 1 crore, 10 crores, and 50 crores respectively.

Information about MSME sector India:

1. MSME sector contributes 29% of our GDP.

2. MSME sector is rapidly accepting digital payments. 72% accept it, and 28% prefer cash transactions.

3. Micro small medium enterprises minister Narayan Rane announced that the budget allocation for MSMEs in FY22 has doubled to Rs. 15,700 crore compared to Rs. 7,572 crore in FY21.

The MSME sector almost contributes one-third of our success. Protecting and helping this sector grow is the least everyone can do. With life getting back on track, these businesses want to get back to their feet. While some are back on track, many SME companies in India are still suffering and looking for a solution.

How does going digital help MSME in India?

With most of your customers working from home, taking the digital route is crucial for MSME. These businesses need to go digital to survive, compete, and succeed. Here are a few ways this is possible.

1. Get subscription management software:

Getting subscription management software for your business sorts multiple problems for you. It can automate many tasks, handle billing, and help you understand your customer. You can run your business smoothly, use data and analytics to understand what’s not working for your business and change your plans.

2. Create social media profiles and your Google business profile:

Today, creating social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a Google business profile is a must. As a small business, customers can find you faster if you are active on social media. You can accept orders on social media and conduct business.

Listing your business profile on Google is essential, as customers can locate you. Most customers are searching for products to buy on Google. Also, most will read reviews before making a buying decision. So work on your Google profile ASAP!

3. Communicate with customers & take their suggestions:

Customer is the king! Treat them like one. Running a business doesn’t just mean creating a product and selling it. Understand what your customer likes and dislikes. Take their suggestions. When you communicate with your customers and take their recommendations, it improves their relationship with you. This can be an enormous boost for your business revenue.

Using social media, you can send promotional offers, discounts, and other notifications. Staying in touch with customers is necessary, so they remember you while making a purchase.

The future of MSME in India:

Life after March 2020 has seen a growth in Digital India. Most of your existing and potential customers are using their phones a lot. Also, 72% of businesses accept digital payments. If you are not accepting digital payments, you might lose most customers to competitors. The same applies to your business not being listed on Google.

Also, with technology growing at a rapid pace, any MSME can try these 3 steps to take their business digital and succeed quickly.


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Korean Drama List

The Only Korean Drama List you will ever need – 29 Binge worthy series

Lately, Korean Drama, also known as K-Drama has been trending worldwide with the audiences.

With unique story-lines and fresh content, we have been seeing the best Korean drama series being launched whether it’s romance, thriller, action, etc.

Also, with multiple OTT subscriptions available at our disposal, I have crafted a unique list where you will get the best of Korean drama that has been released since 2013 onward.

Note: This Korean Drama List has 29 Korean drama best series that has a minimum rating of 7.5 on IMDB with 1000+ votes.

1. The Heirs (2013) – Rated 7.5 with 6900+ votes

Our first entry on this list is “The Heirs”. The story deals with a group of privileged and rich high school students. It’s a story that’s filled with drama, doubts on self-identity, wealth, and relationships.

2. Healer (2014) – Rated 8.5 with 5300+ votes

“The Healer” is an out-and-out crime and mystery series that starts with a unique group. This group includes a reporter, a famous journalist, and a mysterious guy known as “Healer”. He has amazing fighting skills.

3. Reply 1988 (2015) – Rated 9.0 with 2800+ votes

“Reply 1988” is a story that will remind you of your youth and get you all nostalgic. The story revolves around five childhood friends and their families that live in one neighborhood. Get ready to witness teenage life and the importance of families in this Korean drama high school story!

4. Descendants of the Sun (2016) –Rated 8.3 with 8200+ votes

“Descendants of the Sun” is a love story between a surgeon and an officer from the “Special Forces”. Quite a fascinating mix of professions this couple has, don’t you think?

5. Legend of the Blue Sea (2016) – Rated 8.1 with 4900+ votes

Let’s bring in a “fantasy romance” story. This love story is special as it’s between a con artist and a mermaid. Watch them meet and fall in love!

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6. The K2 (2016) – Rated 7.8 with 3100+ votes

What happens when a former mercenary soldier becomes a bodyguard of the presidential candidate’s wife? There’s bound to be chaos and madness.

7. Goblin – Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016) – Rated 8.6 with 10200+ votes

Goblin is one of the Top 5 all-time highest-rated Korean Drama and the best romantic Korean drama of a modern-day Goblin who wants to end his cursed immortal life. To do so, he would need a human bride!

8. Stranger (2017) – Rated 8.6 with 4600+ votes

Let’s bring some crime dramas here. The story revolves around a policeman’s death that has been ruled as a suicide. Watch it as the case gets re-investigated and the findings get weirder!

9. Mr. Sunshine (2018) – Rated 8.8 with 3800+ votes

Mr. Sunshine is the story of a poor boy, born in a servant’s family and grows to become an American Military Officer. This is not just a story about war but also about his love story too.

10. Sky Castle (2018) – Rated 8.7 with 1300+ votes

K-Drama has some of the best satirical content. Sky Castle is one of them. This story is about 4 housewives that reside in an exclusive residential area named “Sky Castle”. This story is about love for their children, working for their future, and being too ambitious.

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11. Memories of the Alhambra (2018) – Rated 7.9 with 3100+ votes

This is one unique story. An Investment firm executive travels to Granada, Spain to find the creator of one of the best Augmented Reality games! There he stumbles upon a woman who runs the hostel where he stays. How will their stories entwine?

12. Vagabond (2019) – Rated 8.3 with 3200+ votes

Vagabond is a story about a stunt man who’s broken because his nephew died in a plane crash along with 200+ civilians. He’s not convinced about the crash and starts his investigation. His findings can ruin some big people? Will he find out the culprits?

13. Kingdom (2019) – Rated 8.4 with 27400+ votes

Considered as the best Korean drama on Netflix, Kingdom is one of the fan favorites and is very popular too. It’s a fantasy story about a Kingdom where rumors spread about the King being ill and a mysterious plague that might ruin their village. This is a series that you must not miss.

14. One Spring Night (2019) – Rated 7.9 with 1100+ votes

Let’s bring in a typical love story. Boy loves girl and girl loves boy. But families aren’t ready for this relationship. Will they overcome every obstacle and get together? Let’s find out.

15. Strangers from Hell (2019) – Rated 7.9 with 1200+ votes

This Korean drama 2019 series will give you the creeps. The main lead moves to the countryside for a job and lives in an affordable apartment. While he lives there, weird things start happening. The villain is a dentist by day and serial killer by night. So get ready to watch as this suspense unfolds.

16. Crash landing on you (2019) – Rated 8.7 with 9600+ votes

Crash Landing is a fairy-tale romance between a North Korean military officer and a South Korean heiress. You can only imagine the fireworks in this love story that spans between both nations.

Any Korean Drama list is incomplete without such a story, don’t you think?

17. Romance is a Bonus Book (2019) – Rated 8.1 with 2500+ votes

“Romance is a Bonus Book” is a story about a girl who lies her way to get a job. She then falls for her Boss and they both start falling in love. Get ready to witness a cute and chaotic love story.

18. Touch Your Heart (2019) – Rated 7.6 with 1300+ votes

The storyline revolves around a top tier law firm. Here, you will find a washed-up actress working as a secretary for a cranky attorney. Get ready to watch law and love walk together.

19. Arthdal Chronicles (2019) – Rated 8.4 with 2300+ votes

Arthdal Chronicles is an epic mythical story revolving around power struggles. It’s considered as one of the most unique K-Dramas due to its epic storyline.

20. Hotel Del Luna (2019) – Rated 8.3 with 2800+ votes

Del Luna is a hotel for ghosts and is run by ghosts too. Yes, these ghosts are stuck between life and after-life. It’s going to be a spooky affair right from the first until the last episode.

21. Itaewon Class (2020) – Rated 8.2 with 4700+ votes

Itaewon class is a series that displays the story of a convict released from jail who opens up a restaurant in Itaewon. Here’s to a life post being in prison. This Korean drama 2020 series will make you feel happy.

22. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020) – Rated 8.8 with 6700+ votes

This series is about a caretaker at a psychiatric ward & a children’s book writer. How their lives get entangled professionally & personally forms the crux of this series.

23. A World of Married Couple (2020) – Rated 8.1 with 1200+ votes

Infidelity can have after-effects that range from bad to extreme. In this story, a doctor finds out her husband has been cheating on her. She then decides to exact revenge. The whole series will show both husband and wife trying to get revenge on each other.

24. Hospital Playlist (2020) – Rated 8.7 with 1300+ votes

Hospital Playlist is a story about 5 doctors who have been friends since med school. They not only share their profession but also their love for music and then form a band!

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25. My Holo Love (2020) – Rated 7.7 with 1000+ votes

My Holo Love will show you the after-effects of Aphasia. The lead actor finds it difficult to communicate and starts losing her ability to recognize faces. Her social life gets affected. Will she get better?

26. The King: Eternal Monarch (2020) – Rated 8.3 with 4400+ votes

I can easily tell you this is one amazing series that you cannot miss. It’s about a Korean emperor who uses a mysterious portal and reaches a parallel world where he encounters a police detective.

27. Extracurricular (2020) – Rated 7.7 with 1200+ votes

Extracurricular is a story about a high school student who also is involved in criminal activities. Life gets difficult when a certain classmate takes interest in his criminal secret.

Consolation series:

This Korean Drama list has 27 series that met our set criteria.

While the below 2 series did not meet my criteria, their plot was amazing and hence I’ll share them with you. The stories are unique and you’ll surely love it.

28. Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020) – Rated 8.1 with 800+ votes

Mystic Pop-Up Bar is the story of a young man who has a unique ability. He works at a centuries-old bar where the owner resolves her customer’s emotional problems by entering their dreams. Isn’t that unique?

29. Start-Up (2020) – Rated 8.9 with 300+ votes

Finally, Start-Up is a story about young entrepreneurs who aspire to launch virtual dreams into reality. Watch the completion in this industry.

I sincerely hope that this Korean Drama list helps you find the top-rated K-Drama series.

You can enjoy different story-lines, watch Korean drama with English subtitles on various OTT platforms, and enjoy. Let me know if you have already watched any series and what is your review about it.